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Our fermentation team will start fermenting the cabbage in the traditional Korean way first day after the satire festivities.

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It is vegan. A nice book on Medieval literature for your friends in Czech. Dinner and Banana Split concert. Good for body and soul. We will make your Christmas wreath this year.

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Decorated with cones, fruits and flowers and smelling lovely. Prepay your catalogue of all the past ones before this one takes place. In colour! There is a smaller, unofficial procession on different route without formation. We will lend you mask and costume and buy you a drink. We avoid laurel and fir as well as thorns. You can collect it in person somewhere in Prague.

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We offer a 60 minute personal therapy with professional therapist accredited for the Feldenkrais method who can fix your back. It takes place in Prague. The question is: who gets to wear the white beard? Schlauchband consists of melodica, accordion, tuba, bagpipes, banjo, big drum, snare drum and piccolos.

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Why limit yourself to MBA, Ph. But please feel free to invent your own honorary title and we will provide a really fancy satirical certificate to go with it. Hide rewards. Show all rewards. They call themselves a carnival. Hundreds of performer-activists seeking to mark the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution with a twist: less wreath-laying and somber recollections, and more masks, costumes, parades, workshops and countless other events highlighting pressing issues, whether environmental or social.

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This is the organisation's third year, operating out of a provisional headquarters in the heart of Prague's Old Town. I spoke with Marie Knapp, public relations director for the Velvet Carnival and began by asking her to describe the event. We strive to highlight issues that we have in our society at this time through funny and satirical means. And through this we want to first honour the fact that we have been a democracy for 25 years.

We also want to demonstrate that democratic activism is still very much alive, but in a humorous way. So you have occupied this space for a period of time and all these different initiatives are being prepared there for this march.

Red Velvet’s Latest Single ‘Zimzalabim’ Takes You On A Whimsical Carnival Ride

How exactly does it work and what is the atmosphere like there? But we have this great option to utilize this space for our art workshops, and to create masks there.

And almost every night we host cultural events there like documentary screenings, book readings, discussions and so on. Share Carnival Saturdays with your friends. Save Carnival Saturdays to your collection.

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Thu, Dec Present Insight into Yrs. Sat, Jul Sat, Feb 1. Soca Extreme "Elements Of Carnival". Sat, Dec 7. Christmas kids carnival Share Christmas kids carnival with your friends. Save Christmas kids carnival to your collection. Carnival Chaser Workout. Share Carnival Chaser Workout with your friends.