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It causes too much sugar called glucose to build up in your body.

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Glucose in your urine draws in more water, so you pee more often. Along with thirst and more visits to the restroom, other symptoms of diabetes include:. Excessive thirst is one of the major symptoms. If you have diabetes insipidus , you may also have:. When your mouth feels very dry, it can make you thirsty. Usually, it happens because the glands in your mouth make less saliva. If your glands don't make enough saliva , you may have other symptoms, such as:. But when you are dehydrated and incredibly hungry, it is hard to think beyond survival.

I have never experienced profound poverty, thankfully, but I have experienced stretches of my life usually during pregnancy when my life revolves around basic survival. What can I eat?

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What can I drink? Is there any way I can tolerate more food or drink? What will I try to eat and drink tomorrow?

Rest at Jacob’s Well

Do I need an IV? Can I fall asleep despite this intense nausea? Can I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without throwing up? When your life is stuck in survival mode, it is so easy to forget that life is more than survival. If you ever have been in actual survival mode — maybe through a stressful time at work, or after a baby is born, or any other time when finding time to eat, drink, sleep, and go to the bathroom is a daily struggle — then you know how easy it is to lose track of what really matters in the midst of that.

The woman at the well is physically thirsty.

The Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?

Even in her physical thirst, the woman can see the truth in what Jesus proclaims. When we are in survival mode, our spiritual life is often the first to suffer.

However, even in moments of profound suffering, we can be given the grace of hope — the grace to see that satisfying our spiritual thirst makes the physical thirst more bearable. Some of it was the antenatal depression that I and so many other mothers suffer from. But it was more than that — it was the depression of being locked in a cycle of survival.

It had been weeks since I was well enough to leave bed, let alone our house, to go to Sunday Mass. Not only would it mean not having to leave the house, but I could actually attend Mass while lying down on the couch. Although miserable, I could partake in the liturgy with my family.

What you should know about drinking water (but probably don't)

While he visited, this priest heard my Confession, spoke words of consolation and hope to our whole family, and in persona Christi brought Christ into our home, through the Eucharist. After that Mass, I went back to my bed, feeling physically sicker than usual for the rest of the day, from that minor stimulation.

But spiritually? I felt a hope in me that I had forgot. I had forgotten that there was more to my life than the daily fight to survive. But with Christ in the Eucharist nestled within me, fed by the Sacraments and the Scriptures, I remembered : there is more to this life.

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I was still physically thirsty and hungry, I still found myself in a daily battle to survive, but being fed with the Bread of Life made the suffering united to the suffering of Christ. I no longer felt alone. I felt hope. This is what happens to the woman at the well. From what Jesus reveals, we can tell that she has had a tumultuous life thus far — various marriage and affairs in addition to the daily struggle for food and drink. She comes to the well physically thirsty, but she leaves with a much deeper thirst having been quenched.

Was she never thirsty for physical water again?

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  8. But that thirst, that daily struggle for survival, no longer consumed her. It is not that those thirsts will dissipate when our spiritual thirst is quenched, but we will be less overwhelmed by them. Encountering Christ especially through the Eucharist changes everything. It makes us aware of a thirst more acute than all others.