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Patience is necessary when teaching new concepts to struggling students, when waiting for a kindergartener to find the right color, and when dealing with the third teenage break-up of the week. Everything that happens affects the classroom environment, whether it be the weather or what will be served for lunch. All these things and more must be dealt with using patience and understanding. The greatest teachers will also have passion and a strong sense of humor. Great educators will be dedicated to searching for new and innovative ways of making content more interesting for students.

This requires passion and dedication to a teacher's subject and his or her students.

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The greatest teachers find a way to make learning engaging, exciting, and relevant. Humors may just be as important as passion. Some days you must simply laugh at the bottle of glue or paint emptied on the floor. You will learn every childhood joke ever written and hear them each year. Students will expect a laugh from their favorite teacher, and you will of course, oblige. This builds up a student's confidence and helps them to see you as a person.

Possibly the most important qualities are organization and resourcefulness. Teachers are notorious for not having enough time to get to all their lessons. Good teachers have the ability to organize and plan lessons so that they are integrated and cross-curricular. Many teachers also struggle with not having enough school funds for extra classroom supplies and equipment.

With that said, good teachers should be able to get crafty with ordinary items. This may mean having to get creative with how supplies are used as well as how lessons are taught groups as opposed to individual projects. Because teachers must be resourceful in the classroom, it means that they often collect bits and pieces of items over time. It requires a great deal of organization to keep all these items in order.

In upper level classrooms, organization is important because of the number of students, assignments, and classes that go through a single classroom each day. Teaching is a profession in which a true difference can be made in the lives of others.

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Doctors may save lives daily, but teachers can change lives with each day spent in the classroom. Many people often spend years in the corporate environment only to become teachers later in life. This is often because educators have the ability to see the difference being made as students learn new concepts that they can use throughout life.

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  5. Teachers truly do mold the future generations through teaching both curricular and non-curricular concepts each day. Educators have the power to teach life lessons as part of each day. A good teacher will use that power to mold students into passionate lifelong learners. Often timers, teachers spend more waking hours with a child than that child does with their own parent.

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    With that said, a passionate teacher can mold young citizens for a bright future. Since teachers spend so much time with their students, they may be the one teaching organizational, conversational, and social building skills.

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    5. Through their teaching, an educator can teach students about managing time, solving conflicts, coping with stress, and how to stay focused when needed. Often this is done without a second thought, as it is simply part of a good teacher's pedagogy. Teachers can become lifelong role models by simply doing their jobs with passion. Teaching is a profession in which you must always expect the unexpected. Some days will be good and some will be challenging. You could start the day with perfect attendance and an attentive class but end it with a child getting sick near your desk.

      There are days that teaching will be the most rewarding job you have ever had.

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      These may be the days when a struggling student finally gets a concept that you have been trying to teach. Other days, you might accidentally get hit by a flying sandwich in the lunch room. What's the secret? There isn't a secret. Learning English is really hard. However, there are three things you must do:.

      The secret to learning English lies in learning the logic of grammar and then writing down everything that you learn. In the classes that I teach, I urge everyone to write as much as possible. All of my students have notebooks, and they all write. It's a simple method, but it works.

      I'm still working on the website and adding to it daily. Basically, I just wanted to create a free space on the internet that students think about going to when they're trying to figure out how to say something in English --beginners to advanced. So don't expect too much at first from a free website. You know, what they say--you get what you pay for. If you are ready to get started, click here for your first lesson. I teach English as a second language classes and adult basic education.

      I specialize in the areas of writing, reading, vocabulary development, and grammar and usage. I've also been teaching English to people online since this website began in It's a lot of fun and I have met many interesting people. Until I started teaching at the Mall of America, this was the best job that I had ever had.

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      This was my "boot camp" --the place where I really learned how to be a teacher. Thanks to Sr. Theresa to whom I'll forever be indebted. She was my mentor and my friend, and truly an angel on earth. These were my very first students, and it was from them that I started to learn how to teach. She was a Spanish teacher and a teacher of children and adults who were bilingual in Spanish and English.