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His reason for going this time is hard to explain, even to himself. For at the reunion, he will confront a burden of guilt that has been with him since he was 13 years old; namely, that he and three other classmates precipitated an accident that left another classmate, Donavon Killerman an orphan and blind. Will Donavon be there?

If so, how will he react when confronted by Walsh and the other classmates involved in the accident? Although Donavon did not appear at the reunion, Walsh did learn that he owned a rundown fishing resort that was having financial and legal problems. Driven by a sense of moral obligation he could not explain even to his wife, Walsh decided to go to the resort, register under an alias, and see if he could render aid to the hapless victim while maintaining his anonymity. To make matters worse, when Sarah left the resort, disgusted by the entire goings on, he was promptly seduced by an extremely sensual young woman with a doubtful background who lives in the cabin next to his.

It was after their first tryst that Walsh began to sense that he was being watched. At this point, the story begins to accelerate, gathering steam with each page. Finally, it becomes obvious where all of this is going. Walsh asked Donavon to visit him in prison and is awaiting his arrival. He is convinced that Donavon has information that will clear his name. What is the final outcome? Will Donavon provide information to clear his name?

The Price of Guilt

Or will Walsh be forced to remain in prison until his sentence is served? The answer to that question can be found by reading this well written book. More importantly, he is clever enough to keep just one step ahead of his readers at all times, thus sustaining their interest without revealing too much of the ending—a skill all novelists should possess.

Garry has written seven previous novels that have garnered ten literary awards. In The Price of Guilt , Patrick Garry has a really excellent grasp of the pacing and tension necessary to keep a reader engaged in a thriller. The dialogue is lively and interesting, and each side character has his or her own unique voice which really comes through in the writing. Attending a high school reunion, successful Chicago attorney Thomas Walsh is reminded of a shameful episode in his past and consequently embarks on an elaborate course of action to atone for it.

The novel is engaging on many levels.

And revenge is always a reliable theme upon which to hang a story. The distribution of text between dialogue and description is well balanced, and the author comes armed with a rich vocabulary and ample supplies of imaginative metaphors and similes. The Price of Guilt has at its center a character that is difficult to evaluate clearly. And there is something quite moving about his becoming a victim of his virtues. Garry well tells, The Price of Guilt can be a very high one.

The Price of Guilt by Patrick M.

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Garry…marks the sixth or seventh novel this author has written. It is a modern morality tale with a suspenseful plot that explores the destructiveness of misguided guilt…. What an excellent book!!! I loved it! It is a fast, easy read, but it is so interesting and definitely a page turner.

I can see why Patrick M. Garry has won so many awards. I was fortunate enough to win this book on Good Reads. The story just swept me along and I was amazed at what happened to Thomas Walsh.

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Fast-paced narration, smooth dialogue, and richly developed characters create an action packed plot. Readers will be able to suspect the final outcome, but Walsh never will. The plot is complex and interesting, with well-planned characters and a strong sense of setting. There is lots of good, realistic dialogue, and a well-evoked sense of the revelation that class reunions bring, along with the remorse and guilt of long-ago wrongs that suddenly seem to require righting years later.

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They say that love is blind but guilt can often have the same effect. Perhaps guilt is even more powerful as it can eat away at a person indefinitely. In his youth, Thomas Walsh and his friends were spying on people at a local motel when they came across a couple obviously having an affair.

As a lark, they decided to blind-side the couple and take their picture. Unfortunately, playing with the lives of others can have unforeseen and dire consequences. Years later, at a school reunion, old scars are brought to the surface for Thomas. The real question here is how far is Thomas willing to go to appease his guilt? Sometimes it feels like morality has become a fluid concept. There are few beacons illuminating for us what exactly is always right to do, and what is explicitly wrong.

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