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If I were to stop in the middle of the office and kneel in prayer, coworkers would ask what in the fuck I was doing. Simply because they are evil. Furthermore, if I were to tell them, "I'm praying to see if it's ok that a father kisses her daughter to show affection," they would mock the shit out of me.

So, I went home, ate my dinner and had several mudslides before kneeling in prayer, which I have transcribed below: My dear, kind, Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for this day. And I'm especially grateful for all my blessings.

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I'm grateful for the food that I just ate. Please bless the food even though I already ate it.

Mormon Stories #638: Dr. Thomas Murphy on Anthropology and Book of Mormon / Lamanite DNA Pt. 1

I know I should have said a separate blessing for the food. But I didn't, ok? This one time canst thou please bless the food in my stomach that it may nourish and strengthen my body and do the good that it needs? Also, please bless the hands that helped prepare it. Especially please bless the minimum wage worker most likely a single mom , who worked at the TGIF factory that premixed my mudslide. Sure, she didn't "technically" prepare it - the robot did.

BUT she was the human eyes that made sure there wasn't a dead rat in my bottle. I'm also grateful for the evil anti-Mormons on the Recovery from Mormon message board. Their hatred and persecution of thy one true church makes it abundantly clear that thy one true church is the one true church. Persecution always makes something more true. Kind of like when a fundamentalist bombs a KFC in the middle east. I know that KFC is clearly the one true fried chicken chain and the others Popeyes are just Satan worshipping fried chicken chains.

Why else would someone bomb a KFC unless it were true?

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Anyway, now that I have sufficiently kissed thine sweeter-than-dessert-wine ass, I was wondering if it was ok for a daughter to smooch her father on the lips. Didst thou kiss Mary when thou didst fuck her? Or would that have been going "too far" and just gross? I look forward to thine response. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Posted by Raptor Jesus at Work was slow for me, which was good because I just wanted to be a sexy slug anyway.

So I got tempted by the Adversary to check on the Freedom Forum peeps , and I did giveth into tempation. I learned a lot though. About how Satanosaurus is really controlling so much about the USA - probably controls most of Europe, but to be honest, I don't know if those posters know that there are other countries besides the US and Mexico. Oh, except for Germany because that place once had some guys who went around telling everyone what they could and could not do, say, read, write. And that some people were inherently better than other people. I think those guys were called "General Authorities," I don't remember.

It was about "not being quick to label other posters as apostates" instead of needing more paper towels. That thread turned into fights about personal revelation trumping the authority of the church and Satanosaurus leading people astray by using the exact same feelings that the Holy Ghost does in order to make evil, bitter, lonely apostates. Glad I don't have to worry about whether or not my feelings come from the Holy Ghost or Luciferatops when the feelings are exactly the same.

Now I can't even remember my "new name" I guess if I ever do have to get past those angels I'll just say "Dennis" and then ask real quick where the angel's from, what's it like there? I've come a long way in the last year or two. I don't hate the church or its members. I don't get angry like I used to. Still, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to entirely stop feeling quite hurt by the church and all it put me through. Maybe I'm playing victim and wallowing in self-pity, I don't know. Sometimes I wish I could convey to my younger brothers that screw the church, they are good boys.

If they don't want to go on missions, don't let the church bully them into it. But I know it would have no effect except to push my family away. Posted by Dave at AM 3 comments:. Friday, January 27, Choosing Views. My political views are in a state of constant flux. My many conservative friends and family would call me liberal, maybe even radical in a couple of areas. Then again, my most liberal friends might not approve of "liberal" as a moniker for me. After all, I am fiscally moderate and actually approve of the medical and pharmaceutical fields' work.

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Hell, I'm actually kind of a libertarian in certain economic and individual rights issues. Generally, I guess I side with the scientific community. So yeah, I'm all about evolution, but I don't set much store by alternative medicine. I guess I'm some kind of pragmatic materialist. I'm not patriotic per se I care very much about the welfare of US citizens and the goings on in this country, but I don't think the USA is the infallible beacon of all that is good that some others think.

I don't like the USA's extensive military presence and activity in the world. Does that make my un-American? I guess I don't care too much about being "American" or "un-American. I guess it's a tricky question Here I use "close" not exclusively in reference to distance. Cultural experience and roots count, too On one hand, this assumption seems utterly immoral to me. Why should other people be more important just because they happen to be more similar or at least close to me?

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On the other, the world is too big to try to help every single person. So I guess we should start at home? I can't tell. Moral ambiguity is so tricky all the time. Ah well, when I try to nail down my own political stances, I either have to laugh at the absurdity of it all or get really frustrated, so I'm practicing laughing. Dead children I've actually formulated the ideal political solution.

It's a version of democracy where people vote on basic moral statements, not policy. Awesome, no?! See, you just poll the entire population on what they value, getting a large base of simple moral statements that can be rationally extended into moral statements about potential policy.

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Then, you enact the combination of policies that results in the highest overall moral satisfaction score! What shall I call it? Etho-rational democracy? Or maybe Logo-moral self-representation Maybe I'll post on it later. Posted by Dave at PM No comments:. I'm usually amused by the election process, but this set of Republican Primaries has been a show I won't soon forget.

The spotlight keeps shifting from ring to ring, highlighting the front-runner of the week while he or she does his or her song and dance, then moving on once we get bored of the act. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you'll give me your attention please, I'm proud to introduce to you our performers! And while you watch those acts, don't forget to glance at the darkened ring in the corner to pretend to see Herman "Harassment-Cases" Cain and John "Who-Am-I" Huntsman!

Seriously, this would be really funny as a comic strip or Sandler-Style late-night comedy, but as reality it is beyond hilarious.

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Posted by Dave at PM 1 comment:. Saturday, January 7, The Healing Process. It has been months and months since I last successfully posted. I have written a few drafts that will probably never see the light of day.