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The ex-Knick had nine fourth-quarter points, including a dunk off a fast break with 10 minutes to play that quieted the crowd and a deep jumper over Anthony's outstretched arm to put Houston up seven with about nine minutes to go. Lin, coming off a point, assist performance in an overtime loss in Philadelphia on Wednesday, finished with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

Houston's Harden also crushed the Knicks. He finished with 36 points and nine rebounds. He had 16 points from the free throw line. Didn't think so. W2W4: Knicks vs. Here are a few things to keep an eye on during Thursday's Knicks-Rockets game: He's baaaack: Jeremy Lin will play his second game in Madison Square Garden since the Knicks decided to let him go to Houston in the summer of Here's a quick refresher on Linsanity: After being cut twice and sent to the D-League, the Harvard grad came off the end of the Knicks' bench to average He's had his struggles with the Rockets, but comes into Thursday's game red hot.

Lin had 34 points and 12 assists in the Rockets' loss to the Sixers on Wednesday. In his past two games, Lin has scored 65 points on for shooting but has turned it over 13 times. Will Harden play? James Harden will likely be a game-time decision due to a bruised foot. If he sits out, that would be a blessing for the Knicks. Harden had 61 points in two games against the Knicks last season.

Houston won both games by a combined 41 points.

What Happened to Jeremy Lin For the Toronto Raptors? - Can He Return to Linsanity Form?

The only thing guaranteed about Thursday's game is that the Knicks will have their hands full in the paint. With Dwight Howard inside and penetration from Harden, the Rockets are scoring Paint defense has been an issue for the Knicks with Tyson Chandler out.

New York allowed 56 paint points to the Hawks on Wednesday. The Knicks gave up 44 points in the paint on Sunday in a point loss to San Antonio. You can follow Ian Begley on Twitter. Felton is ranked th. Do you think that's accurate? Lin averaged He averaged 2. Felton averaged Instead, they traded for Felton. Worth noting: the Knicks won 54 games and advanced to the second-round of the playoffs. The Rockets were knocked out in the first round. Smith is ranked 93rd, one behind J. Reddick and one ahead of Ersan Ilyasova.

Question: Would you rank Lin ahead of Felton? Do you think the ranking for Stoudemire th is accurate? Ex-Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin recently talked openly about his struggles last season with the Rockets. At points, Lin said he felt "emptiness, confusion and misery" in his first season in Houston. Tags: Dwight Howard , Jeremy Lin. Garrett W.

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Houston might have to sacrifice one of their major additions from last summer to make room for Howard. That could mean trading point guard Jeremy Lin or center Omer Asik to a team with cap space for no immediate return. In the Celtics had encouraged him to use it to pick a player at the tail end of the draft—the 56th pick, when the players seldom amount to anything.

Hunter actually started for the Celtics for a season and went on to a successful career in Europe. Two years later Morey got a call from a headhunter who sait that the Houston Rockets were looking for a new general manager. We now have all this data. And we have computers that can analyze that data.

And I wanted to use that data in a progressive way. When I hired Daryl, it was because I wanted somebody that was doing more than just looking at players in the normal way. Learning that a thirty-three-year-old geek had been hired to run the Houston Rockets, fans and basketball insiders were at best bemused and at worst hostile. The local Houston radio guys instantly gave him a nickname: Deep Blue.

In his approach to the world he was exactly the opposite. The closest he came to certainty was in his approach to making decisions. He never simply went with his first thought. He suggested a new definition of the nerd: a person who knows his own mind well enough to mistrust it. One of the first things Morey did after he arrived in Houston—and, to him, the most important—was to install his statistical model for predicting the future performance of basketball players. Most people just do it subconsciously.

Once you had a database of thousands of former players, you could search for more general correlations between their performance in college and their professional careers. Obviously their performance statistics told you something about them. But which ones? You might believe—many then did—that the most important thing a basketball player did was to score points. That opinion could now be tested: Did an ability to score points in college predict NBA success? No, was the short answer. From early versions of his model, Morey knew that the traditional counting statistics—points, rebounds, and assists per game—could be wildly misleading.

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It was possible for a player to score a lot of points and hurt his team, just as it was possible for a player to score very little and be a huge asset. Why is someone ranked so low by scouts when the model has him ranked high?

If the player had broken his neck the night before the NBA draft, for instance, it would be nice to know. That counted as original, in Morey could see that no one else was using a model to judge basketball players—no one had bothered to acquire the information needed by any model. Any theory about basketball players had to be tested on a database of players. They now had a twenty-year history of college players.

The new database allowed you to compare players to similar players from the past, and see if there were any general lessons to be learned.

Everything You Need to Know About Jeremy Lin

There was nothing simple or obvious about it in They tracked the scoring in the game when a given player was on the court, compared to when he was on the bench. Points and rebounds and steals per game were not very useful; but points and rebounds and steals per minute had value. It was also possible to back out from the box scores the pace at which various college teams played—how often they went up and down the court. Just adjusting for pace gave you a clearer picture of what any given player had accomplished than the conventional view did.

Stardom awaits Jeremy Lin, newest member of the Beijing Ducks - SupChina

Did it help a player to have two parents in his life? Was it an advantage to be left-handed? Did players with strong college coaches tend to do better in the NBA? Did it help if a player had a former NBA player in his lineage? If his college coach played zone defense? If he had played multiple positions in college? Did it matter how much weight a player could bench-press? But not everything. Rebounds per minute were useful in predicting the future success of big guys.

Game 11 New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks: A Surging Lin to Make an Impact in Limited Time

Steals per minute told you something about the small ones. The chance of getting a starter was roughly one in a hundred. He knew that his model was, at best, only slightly less flawed than the human beings who had rendered the judgments about job applicants since time began. He knew that he suffered from a serious dearth of good data. And even that has problems with it. So how are we supposed to? Then came That year the Rockets had the 25th pick in the draft and used it to pick a big guy from the University of Memphis named Joey Dorsey.

After he was drafted, Dorsey was sent to Santa Cruz to play in an exhibition game against other newly drafted players. Morey went to go see him.