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Bartleby, autistic? Melville, on the spectrum? The politics of bread. Auden described poetry as "a way of happening. Peter Handke has been widely denounced for his politics, but what of his prose? She didn't want to be a Jewish critic, a feminist author, or a lesbian writer Bach, bad boy.

We remember him as a saint, but he downed beer by the gallon, got mixed up in knife fights, and consorted with women in the organ loft Curiosity is a frustratingly fickle sensation. Want to ensure that you channel your curiosity well? Parents whitewash parenting. For the truth, turn to Knausgaard: The car seat will humiliate you; you will panic in silence What Salinger left behind : family photos, annotations on spiritual texts, notes for a lawsuit against a con man impersonating him Daniel Mendelsohn's critical art.

His commitment to nuance and his synoptic view of a subject, whether ancient or contemporary, make him essential Everyone, academics included, hates academic writing.

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But maybe the disgust is misplaced. Could it be that most academic writing is actually pretty good? At his worst, he is repetitive, reactionary, at times even racist Germaine Greer 's On Rape has been widely lambasted as "deeply ill-informed.

But that doesn't mean it's a good book Reading is not a team sport. Thus, when we talk of the historical or cultural power of the novel, we may miss its real strength: establishing intimacy When the Times called A. A subversive history of music. New sounds come from the margins — slaves, outlaws, criminals, poor country folk, foreign emigrants, and inner-city kids Since Shakespeare's day, theaters have been uniquely flammable.

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How come? Ron Vara has a back story, a Harvard pedigree, and strong views on China. He's also a figment of the Trump adviser Peter Navarro's imagination He was James Wood Graeme Wood Michael Dirda Justin A. Dwight Garner James Romm Marco Roth Lucas Zwirner David Lehman Gary Saul Morson Stanley Fish Whoever wrote The Mind of the Moralist is guilty of plagiarism Noise is a clever enemy — and a ubiquitous one.

The noise warriors are committed to combating every gurgle, squeal, clank, and creak We worry that AI will take our jobs. What we should be worried about, writes Ronald Dworkin, is that AI will cause us to lose our minds A taxonomy of quackery.

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For centuries, mathematical cranks have promised to square circles and trisect angles. He supported war with Mexico, was fiercely nationalistic, and thought abolitionists were too radical. Why do we still venerate Walt Whitman? Van Gogh and Gauguin are seen as two great loners.

Whatever the painters sought to escape, it wasn't human contact Page-turning calamities can be funny. But to those on stage, the work is serious — and fraught. No figure in classical music is more iconic than the conductor , or more misunderstood. So what, exactly, do conductors do? His ideas were tentative, fragmentary, and prone to change Books have long been pronounced dead.

The cause? Underground knowledge. Plants have the capacity to remember and to learn — is that enough for us to consider them intelligent? What do gentle videos of people whispering into overamplified microphones tell us about intimacy in the digital age? The criminologist accused of cooking the books. How an anonymous whistle-blower and a police investigation pit a professor against his mentor How should we think about what it is to read, what forms that reading takes, and why we turn to books in the first place?

Leah Price has answers Are innovators creative geniuses or mere tinkerers? The story of how Silicon Valley reached the center of the American dream is about how tech's shortcomings became those of the nation Auberon Waugh and the art of writing about wine. Tasting notes include stale cardboard, French train stations, old penknives, and a dead chrysanthemum American culture, they felt, was inadequate Why does punctuation inspire such strong feelings?

Seamus Heaney is famous for poems of bogs, ditches, and sectarian violence. But he became a poet of happiness Nicholas Coleridge has heard it all. Young people with sex tips; Prince Andrew on building a golf course; Margaret Thatcher ranting about the lottery No doubt he would have written a Trump novel Despite their love, Beauvoir found Sartre rather pathetic.

Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog, warned E. White —nobody cares, and the frog dies in the process. Still academics persist Computers were the best thing since psychedelics — early Silicon Valley had a cheery, hippie vibe. How things have changed Religion did not need the growth of secularism to spawn its own criticism; it already contained the challenges that have become commonplace Memoirs From Beyond the Grave. Chateaubriand wanted his 2,page book published only after his death.

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Then financial hardship struck Wittgenstein's house on a lake was built as a retreat from the world. But it turns out he was an oddly ostentatious recluse Lenin invented totalitarianism and the ideas of a one-party state and a terrorist state.

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He also invented a style of thinking that endures Minae Mizumura, both imaginatively cosmopolitan and linguistically rooted, exemplifies the change in what it means to be an immigrant writer Except longing. What does sober creativity look like? To find out, Leslie Jamison went to the archives. How Saul Bellow thought about America.

The novelist began his career as a critic. He ended it as an eloquent guardian of the nation's soul Against street art. What's the secret to good science writing? Cormac McCarthy has some thoughts. Among them: ease up on the adjectives Has fiction, over the centuries, been the creator of compassion or a vehicle for its containment? Zadie Smith weighs the evidence It feels like a gift from me to them for all the years of love and suffering.

It has helped us in talking and thinking about the past.

Letters to my children: Why I wrote this book

And recently, when we were talking about how our home was getting tight for the seven of us and whether we would extend it, inadvertently we found ourselves talking of the future. Carpe diem is not good if fuelled by fear. My book helped us. But, above all, it is a letter to each of my children. Devoted teacher inspired generations of students. Simon Fitzmaurice. Topics: Simon Fitzmaurice. More from The Irish Times Fashion. Sponsored Need a more efficient business?

Take the Productivity Challenge. Want to help combat climate change?

A letter to my children—as they grow older - Motherly

Start by planting a tree. Electric vehicles are gathering pace.

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