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Specific subjects include " income distribution , transition costs, marginal tax rates, and international taxation of corporate income Viard edited a book on tax policy lessons from the Bush administration. One paper by Hassett and Mathur on the responsiveness of wages to corporate taxation [63] was cited by The Economist ; [64] figures from another paper by Hassett and Brill on maximizing corporate income tax revenue [65] was cited by the Wall Street Journal.

The Center, which no longer exists, sponsored conferences, papers, and books on regulatory decision-making and the impact of federal regulation on consumers, businesses, and governments. It covered a range of disciplines. It also sponsored an annual Distinguished Lecture series. AEI's work on climate change has been subject to controversy see below. According to AEI, it "emphasizes the need to design environmental policies that protect not only nature but also democratic institutions and human liberty".

Original Articles

In an essay from the AEI outlook series of , the authors discuss the Kyoto Protocol and state that the United States "should be wary of joining an international emissions-trading regime". To back this statement, they point out that committing to the Kyoto emissions goal would be a significant and unrealistic obligation for the United States. In addition, they state that the Kyoto regulations would have an impact not only on governmental policies, but also the private sector through expanding government control over investment decisions.

AEI staff said that "dilution of sovereignty" would be the result if the U. AEI has promoted carbon taxation as an alternative to cap-and-trade regimes. Green , Kevin Hassett, and Steven F.

Other AEI staff have argued for similar policies. Green, who departed AEI in , expanded its work on energy policy. He has hosted conferences on nuclear power [73] and ethanol [74] [75] With Aparna Mathur, he evaluated Americans' indirect energy use to discover unexpected areas in which energy efficiencies can be achieved. AEI's foreign and defense policy studies researchers focus on "how political and economic freedom—as well as American interests—are best promoted around the world".

Likewise, AEI staff have promoted closer U. AEI's foreign and defense policy studies department, directed by Danielle Pletka , is the part of the institute most commonly associated with neoconservatism, [16] especially by its critics. John Bolton , often said to be a neoconservative, [80] [81] has said he is not one, as his primary focus is on American interests, not democracy promotion. In late , the security situation in Iraq continued to deteriorate, and the Iraq Study Group proposed a phased withdrawal of U.

Kagan published an AEI report entitled Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq calling for "phase one" of a change in strategy to focus on "clearing and holding" neighborhoods and securing the population; a troop escalation of seven Army brigades and Marine regiments; and a renewed emphasis on reconstruction, economic development, and jobs. While the report was being drafted, Kagan and Keane were briefing President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and other senior Bush administration officials behind the scenes. According to Bob Woodward , " [Peter J.

Jack Keane , the former Army vice chief of staff, had briefed the president on December 11 about a new Iraq strategy being proposed by the American Enterprise Institute, the conservative think tank. Bush announced the change of strategy on January 10 the idea having "won additional support among some officials as a result of a detailed study by Gen. Jack Keane, the former vice chief of staff at the Army, and Frederick W. Kagan, a military specialist, that was published by the American Enterprise Institute".

Schmitt directs AEI's Program on Advanced Strategic Studies, which "analyzes the long-term issues that will impact America's security and its ability to lead internationally". Asian studies at AEI covers "the rise of China as an economic and political power; Taiwan's security and economic agenda; Japan's military transformation; the threat of a nuclear North Korea; and the impact of regional alliances and rivalries on U. Papers in AEI's Tocqueville on China Project series "elicit the underlying civic culture of post- Mao China, enabling policymakers to better understand the internal forces and pressures that are shaping China's future".

AEI's Europe program was previously housed under the auspices of the New Atlantic Initiative, which was directed by Radek Sikorski before his return to Polish politics in Leon Aron's work forms the core of the institute's program on Russia. AEI staff tend to view Russia as posing "strategic challenges for the West". He has warned that the road for Cuba after Fidel Castro 's rule or the lifting of the U. AEI has historically devoted significant attention to the Middle East, especially through the work of former resident scholars Ledeen and Muravchik.

Pletka's research focus also includes the Middle East, and she coordinated a conference series on empowering democratic dissidents and advocates in the Arab World.

AEI's research on economic development dates back to the early days of the institute. Bauer authored a monograph on development in India in , [95] and Edward Banfield published a booklet on the theory behind foreign aid in Paul Wolfowitz , the former president of the World Bank , researches development policy in Africa.

AEI scholars have engaged in health policy research since the institute's early days. A Center for Health Policy Research was established in Helms led the health department. AEI's long-term focuses in health care have included national insurance , Medicare , Medicaid , pharmaceutical innovation , health care competition, and cost control. The Center was replaced in the mids with the Health Policy Studies Program, which continues to this day.

The AEI Press has published dozens of books on health policy since the s. In the report, a great amount of emphasis is placed on placing the money and control in the hands of the consumers and continuing the market-based system of healthcare. They also acknowledge that this form of healthcare "relies on financial incentives rather than central direction and control, and it recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work in a country as diverse as ours".

In , AEI researchers were active in assessing the Obama administration's health care proposals. Paul Ryan , then-minority point man for health care in the House of Representatives, delivered the keynote address at an AEI conference on five key elements of health reform: mandated universal coverage, insurance exchanges, the public plan option, medical practice and treatment, and revenue to cover federal health care costs.

AEI scholars have long argued against the tax break for employer-sponsored health insurance , arguing that it distorts insurance markets and limits consumer choices.

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In the U. Scott Gottlieb, a medical doctor, has expressed concern about relatively unreliable comparative effectiveness research being used to restrict treatment options under a public plan. Calfee have examined vaccine and antiviral drug supplies in the wake of the flu pandemic.

Legal studies have a long pedigree at AEI; the institute was in the vanguard of the law and economics movement in the s and s with the publication of Regulation magazine and AEI Press books.

Donald Trump and John Bolton: A Volatile Mix

Licht, edited the ten-volume "A Decade of Study of the Constitution" series from Past lecturers include Stephen Breyer , George H. Greve focuses on constitutional law and federalism , including federal preemption. According to Jonathan Rauch , in , Greve convened "a handful of free-market activists and litigators met in a windowless 11th-floor conference room at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington" in opposition to the legality of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

No one paid much attention. But the yawning stopped on May 18, [,] when the Supreme Court announced it will hear the case. Ornstein to the conservative Michael Barone. The Political Corner sponsors the biannual Election Watch series, [] the "longest-running election program in Washington", featuring Barone, Ornstein, Karlyn Bowman , and — formerly — Ben Wattenberg and Bill Schneider , among others. AEI's work on political processes and institutions has been a central part of the institute's research programs since the s.

The AEI Press published a series of several dozen volumes in the s and s called "At the Polls"; in each volume, scholars would assess a country's recent presidential or parliamentary election. AEI scholars have been called upon to observe and assess constitutional conventions and elections worldwide.

In the early s, AEI scholars were commissioned by the U. AEI's social and cultural studies program dates to the s, when William J. Since then, AEI has sponsored research on a wide variety of issues, including education, religion, race and gender, and social welfare. AEI's current president, Arthur C. Brooks , rose to prominence with survey analysis on philanthropy and happiness.

Supported by the Bradley Foundation , AEI has hosted since the Bradley Lecture Series, "which aims to enrich debate in the Washington policy community through exploration of the philosophical and historical underpinnings of current controversies". George , Gertrude Himmelfarb , Samuel P.

A Short Guide to John Bolton's Government Career

Mansfield , Michael Medved , Allan H. Wilson , John Yoo , and Fareed Zakaria. Hess , who has authored, coauthored, or edited a number of volumes based on major conferences held at AEI on subjects like urban school reform, [] school choice , [] No Child Left Behind , [] teacher qualification, [] "educational entrepreneurship," [] student loans , [] and education research. Hess works closely with Rhee: [] she has spoken at AEI on several occasions and appointed Hess to be one of two independent reform evaluators for the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Hess coauthored Diplomas and Dropouts , [] a report on university graduation rates that was widely publicized in AEI is often identified as a supporter of vouchers, [] but Hess has been critical of school vouchers: "[I]t is by now clear that aggressive reforms to bring market principles to American education have failed to live up to their billing. In the school choice debate, many reformers have gotten so invested in the language of 'choice' that they seem to forget choice is only half of the market equation.

Markets are about both supply and demand—and, while 'choice' is concerned with emboldening consumer demand, the real action when it comes to prosperity, productivity, and progress is typically on the supply side. In , William J. Some AEI staff and fellows have been critical of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , the international scientific body tasked to evaluate the risk of climate change caused by human activity.

Raymond is the vice-chairman of AEI's board of trustees.

This story was repeated by Newsweek , which drew criticism from its contributing editor Robert J. Samuelson because "this accusation was long ago discredited, and Newsweek shouldn't have lent it respectability.

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The Wall Street Journal editorial stated: "AEI doesn't lobby, didn't offer money to scientists to question global warming , and the money it did pay for climate research didn't come from Exxon. AEI denies that the organization is skeptical about global warming.

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It is possible to accept the general consensus about the existence of global warming while having valid questions about the extent of warming, the consequences of warming, and the appropriate responses. In particular, one can remain a policy skeptic, which is where we are today, along with nearly all economists. Former scholar Steven Hayward has described efforts to reduce global warming as being "based on exaggerations and conjecture rather than science". Likewise, former AEI scholar Kenneth Green has referred to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as "the positively silly idea of establishing global-weather control by actively managing the atmosphere's greenhouse-gas emissions", and endorsed Michael Crichton 's novel State of Fear for having "educated millions of readers about climate science".

Christopher DeMuth , former AEI president, accepted that the earth has warmed in recent decades, but he stated that "it's not clear why this happened" and charged as well that the IPCC "has tended to ignore many distinguished physicists and meteorologists whose work casts doubt on the influence of greenhouse gases on global temperature trends". Senator Jim Inhofe R-OK , who claims that "global warming is 'the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,'" [] and, like Green, cites Crichton's novel State of Fear , which "casts serious doubt on global warming and extremists who espouse it".

Joel Schwartz, an AEI visiting fellow, stated: "The Earth has indeed warmed during the last few decades and may warm further in the future. But the pattern of climate change is not consistent with the greenhouse effect being the main cause. After Energy Secretary Steven Chu recommended painting roofs and roads white in order to reflect sunlight back into space and therefore reduce global warming, AEI's magazine The American endorsed the idea.

It also stated that "ultimately we need to look more broadly at creative ways of reducing the harmful effects of climate change in the long run. He stated that it "would create a market price for carbon emissions and lead to emissions reductions or new technologies that cut greenhouse gases.

Hahn commented:. Fending off both sincere and sophistic opposition to cap-and-trade will no doubt require some uncomfortable compromises.