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We run like it kills us to stay If judged I'd be nothing 'til the day that I stopped you As trite as these things might seem to anyone else I wrote them down to document My worth is you Excessive city, we can't afford to stay But home to the sane, somehow safe now We can't afford to leave Transformation and tragedy leads conclusion Our world marches to drums of death You're my rest.

The stories will sleep Say goodnight to them You know it's ending Slow my mind Silence untruth Take my broken hands Watch the world renew The stories read of hospitals and alcohol and empty households The bars were steeped in honesty while your retreat was east of me The buildings fell on everything and everyone was incoherent Our time is now.

San Francisco Serenade song meanings. Add your thoughts 4 Comments. General Comment the first verse begins with joey talking about how responsible he feels and felt for derrick. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment Honestly Joey is a lot older than he sounds. And hes lost a lot more people than just Derrick. Double Plaidinum, makes a bunch of references to Jason, like; "Walk around with a butt tattoo, it will never do.

Jason died in a rehab hospital from the withdrawl medication. Even then, Jason and Derrick were not the only ones.

Bad Astronaut:San Francisco Serenade Lyrics

And all these guys revolutionized music. Bomer and Jason Derrick and Joey, Chris, all these guys kicked out tunes either so complicated heartfelt or both that it drains them.

I dont know, I dont understand all his metaphores but I feel the emotion behind them, copetitive admiration. Sometimes anger, sometimes guilt. Very intense group of musicians. But what of this particular performance? From there, the corps move through a series of sculptural vignettes, with acute attention to space, line and dynamics.

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They pierce the air with their circular turns. Arms expanded mirroring the musical crescendos, and large poses adde further emphasis to the accented chords. However on opening night, something felt off. But at the same time, they often seemed behind the music, rushing to fit steps in before the downbeat of the next measure. As a result, the movement read unevenly. It was Mathilde Froustey that stole this performance of Serenade. Absolutely remarkable, with technique emanating from another dimension — suspended balances, precise directional changes, turns that finished with the accent up rather than down.

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Froustey danced the transitions. And it was, at least until the second half. Dance Project , shone in its first movement.

Set to a score by John Adams, the stage was abuzz with vigor and activity. Balletic vocabulary was injected with an innovative athleticism.

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Legs extended backwards in stylized running jumps; daring, diving lifts made you catch your breath. Movement emerged out of the wings, suggesting that it was already in process well before it hit the main space. And later in the ballet, those wings would rise, revealing that offstage choreography. Interspersed throughout the first movement were several featured duets, performed by Maria Kochetkova and Di Lanno. While beautifully danced and filled with the same captivating athletic quality, it was hard to compete with the phenomenal stage energy created by the whole ensemble..

Serenade Luxury Rose Bouquet

Then The Chairman Dances shifted. For the second part of the work, Millepied layered three duets: one for a man and a woman, one for two men and one for two women. Costumed in flowing white tunics, arms reached out in searching, legs circled out away from the core. Hands clasped and dancers embraced in kindness and acceptance. While emotive and poignant, this section and part one were totally disconnected, like two separate works. Program 2 had opened with a work danced by twenty women and two men, and concluded with one that had an opposite kind of casting — fifteen men and one woman.