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Compte rendu: Maria Colombo Timelli, dans Studi francesi , , , p. Comptes rendus: Alexandra Barratt, dans Parergon , , , p. Burgess, dans French Studies , , , p. Holden, dans The Modern Language Review , , , p. Kritische Ausgabe besorgt von E. Band I. Joseph J. Duggan, Turnhout, Brepols, , 3 t. Bernard-Griffiths, P. Glaudes et B.

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Vibert, Paris, Champion, , p. Rolandsliedes , Frankfurt am Main et Lahr, Schauenburg, , p. Brook, Leslie C. Traduzione inedita con una notizia di G. Cazenave et F. Duggan, Joseph J.

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Rosario P. Armato et John M.

Baixar Tahiti Roman aus der Südsee Band I - IV (Classics To Go) (German Edition)

Gallagher et H. Philip E. Edward R. Gay, L. Cahier pour un Temps , Paris, Pandora, , p. Heinemann, Edward A. Travaux et recherches , , t. Laurentius, G. Luquien, F. Rupert T. Pickens, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications, , p. Marnefre, A. Monteverdi, A. Sophie Marnette, John F. Peeters, L. Pratt, Karen A. Marianne Ailes, Philip E. Rosellini, A. Dets Oprindelse og historiske Betydning. Letterkunde , 5. Monica L.

Wright, Norris J.

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Lacy et Rupert T. Pickens, Amsterdam, Rodopi Faux Titre, , , p. Version d'Oxford Titre:. N'i ad castel ki devant lui remaigne…. First we have scene 9 the Innkeeper semiscene :.

La cave est vide. Le cabaretier Je dis que vous avez trop bu; Et si vous voulez encor boire, Il faut Cellini Non, jamais les trompettes Du jugement dernier Ne sauraient effrayer Plus que la voix fatale Le cabaretier se sauve …. Cellini , vidant le sac Comment! Rien que cela? Mais que notre vengeance Frappe ce juif mesquin, Qui dans son arrogance Me traite en vrai faquin. The Innkeeper , with hesitation What do you wish?

The wine- cellar is empty. Cellini What are you saying there, dry brain? The Innkeeper I am saying that you have drunk too much; And, if you wish to drink more, You have to Cellini, Bernardino, and apprentices Have to? The Inkeeper You have to pay your bill. Cellini, Bernardino, apprentices And the infernal list Of this Innkeeper. Cellini How to get out of embarrassment? Cellini , emptying the bag What?

Nothing but this? Bernardino, Francesco, apprentices Ah! The paltry sum!

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Ascanio He is a very nasty man This old treasurer! Cellini My friends, no more wine! Ascanio, Bernardino, apprentices Vengeance, vengeance! The first of the three non-French Weimar libretti to be considered is that of August F. I follow it with my translation. All three non-French libretti adduced provide complete casts, one indeed naming every member of the orchestra. I ignore this rich information here except in one case in the Italian Covent Garden performance. Der Wirth. Was schreit Ihr so? Ich sage euch, zu viel schon tranket Ihr! Und wenn Ihr noch wollt weiter zechen So muss. So muss. Zuvor ich mit Euch rechnen. So, zeige, was wir schuldig Dir! Cellini und Chor. Chor und Bernardino.

Noch nicht gekommen ist dazu die Zeit. O, diese Kleinigkeit!

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