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So she made do with what she had, and to replace the missing items she "picked up things locally, and adapted". As a substitute for a table that never turned up, she bought two large flowerpots, turned them upside down, laid planks across the top, and painted it all white. Shrouded in floating white muslin, the bedroom opens onto a terrace and has a breathtaking view of the Aegean.

Above this is a mirror, from Athens, still in its rough wooden shipping frame. I didn't have the courage to try to remove the boards. Painting rugs on the floor helps to soften the industrial look of the concrete. Of course, not everybody's idea of casual style looks as curated as this. But that's the Navone touch. When I express surprise that a cheap cast-iron gas hob should work so well in the kitchen, she replies: "It wasn't the only burner at the market.

I chose that one.

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Verification Email Sent. Email Verified. Change Password. Password Changed. Create New Password. That's when I knew you were not just a run-of-the-mill strip-club owner. It's going to be an outdoor event. The foot cage is going to be here. It's a five-bout fight, all professional mixed martial arts, basically guys beating the crap out of each other.

Maker's Mark is a sponsor; they're bringing in cigar rollers. I'm only selling tickets, period. They're selling fast. I'm getting calls: "I need five, I need It's intimate: a bare-knuckle brawl in a strip club. Nobody's ever done anything like that. Nobody's ever thought of it in the last years.

Skip to content. Q and A: A new take on strip club experience in A. Britney Shannon's Hideaway. Frier takes a big view of his business, setting up golf packages and working with casinos. The club's a throwback, having never totally shed its speakeasy past. Inquirer Morning Newsletter.

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Sign Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. What is that on the wall? Liquor lockers.

For members. It's members-only. I'll give you the whole concept. So the mayor's not discouraging adult entertainment, he just wants it off Pacific Ave? So you closed AC Dolls? What's your background? I was in the power sports business. I had dealerships.

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The economy in got destroyed. So is this a reputable business in Atlantic City? But why? Is it just in general, people aren't coming to Atlantic City as much? Who's your clientele here, locals or tourists? You know what's crazy? So who is Brittany Shannon? How did you meet her? Are you getting publicity on Howard Stern? Interview condensed and edited.