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This reverse isomorphism with the US does not extend to the political sphere, however; politically Southern England is, on the whole, more conservative than the North. Anderton was the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester from to , during which time he maintained a high profile in the media. Anderton was dubbed "God's copper," and was outspoken about his Catholic faith and what he considered to be its relevance to his role as a police officer:.

I am accused of bringing into play my own Christian principles but those principles strengthen my hand as a policeman. The law is rooted in righteousness and Christian principle. I have no difficulty about enforcing it. Nor do I have a conscience about it. Anderton claimed to often consult with God about his police work, so MES's lyric is quite accurate. This Northern constable was often paired in the public eye with a Southern counterpart, one John Alderson, who was the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall from until Alderson was often accused of being soft on crime, and he promoted community relations and preventative measures rather than the hard line approach favored by Anderton.

This line echoes some lines from Blake, who is talking about a city in the South. The reference here is almost certainly conscious, as MES is known to have been more than a casual reader of Blake. From "London":. I wander thro' each charter'd street,. Near where the charter'd Thames does flow.

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Marks of weakness, marks of woe. The mind-forg'd manacles I hear. In the U. There are Mexican, Canadian and Australian beers called "Victoria" or "Victoria's," but I have unable to identify a British libation of that name.

Several readers have suggested that this is a reference to a popular televition program. From Stu Nicholson:. There is some debate below as to whether this is a put-down of soft Southerners and their lager, etc. Save Save.

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These northerners wanted American citizens to buy their American-made wool goods instead of British-made wool goods, which were much cheaper. A tax on these British imports would make American citizens less likely to buy British-made goods and more likely to buy goods made in America.

Northerners supported an extremely high tariff, which would discourage Americans from importing wool goods. Southerners opposed the tariff, saying it would hurt their economy and risk their very livelihood. Before Andrew Jackson took office, Congress placed a high tariff on imports.

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Angry southerners called it the Tariff of Abominations. Southern voters were outraged. President John Quincy Adams signed the new tariff law, though he did not fully support it. In early U.

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Signing the tariff bill meant Adams would surely be defeated in his re-election bid. The new tariff added fuel to the growing sectionalism that was destroying the young nation. When Andrew Jackson took office in , he responded to the conflict over tariffs. Calhoun wanted a strong central government. But in , when Congress passed the Tariff of Abominations, Calhoun joined his fellow southerners in protest. Economic depression and previous tariffs had severely damaged the economy of his home state, South Carolina.

Some leaders in South Carolina talked about leaving the Union because of the new tariffs. Arguing against the new tariff, Calhoun said that Congress should not favor one state or region over another. He believed states had the right to nullify, or reject, any federal law they judged to be unconstitutional.

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These opponents believed that the American people, not the individual states, made up the Union. Conflict between the supporters and the opponents of nullification deepened. The dispute became known as the nullification crisis. Calhoun became angry and resigned as vice president. He was then elected to the Senate, where he continued his arguments in favor of nullification. Infer: Why did John C. Calhoun change his mind about high tariffs? Why did he argue this?

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  • Euryspirifer dunensis Kayser, Kelus, ; Vandercammen: , 44, text-figs , pl. Stainier, ; Vandercammen: 4, 8, Based on the available data, it is impossible to confirm or otherwise if these specimens can be considered as syntypes or not. Pending further research within the RBINS collections that may be conclusive, no neotype is selected, but two specimens from the type locality and closely resembling two of those illustrated by Stainier are figured here Fig. See Stainier and Vandercammen , partim.

    It was then considered as a synonym of the Uralian species Spirifer pseudopachyrinchus Chernischev, notably by Scupin and Maillieux , d or of the Ukrainian species Emanuella volhynica Kelus, by Vandercammen , who overlooked the name proposed by Stainier Furthermore, E. Kelusia pentameroides Stainier, See Maillieux d and Mottequin b. Cyrtina rigauxi was transferred to the genus Acutatheca Stainbrook, by Mottequin b , who demonstrated that this species was confused with Dionacoelia secessus Mottequin, b soon after its original description. This catalogue is an opportunity to re-illustrate the holotype of D.

    Acutatheca rigauxi Maillieux, d. Cyrtina undosa var. RBINS a lectotype , articulated specimen in ventral, dorsal, lateral, posterior and anterior views, and close-up SEM of the poorly preserved microornament on the right ventral flank H ; Couvin 3, Jemelle Formation. RBINS a paralectotype , incomplete articulated specimen in ventral, dorsal, lateral, posterior and anterior views; Couvin 11, Jemelle Formation. Cyrtinopsis brachyptera maillieuxi Struve, ? Cyrtinopsis crenata Steininger, ? Schnur, ; Vandercammen: , , , pl. Maillieux failed to designate a holotype for his new variety.

    Couvin 3, Jemelle Formation Eifelian. See Maillieux , Vandercammen , partim , and Struve Struve split it into several subspecies.

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    Cyrtinopsis brachyptera brachyptera Maillieux, Durbuy a, Barvaux Formation late Frasnian. It was promoted to the specific level by Maillieux d , an opinion not followed by Paeckelmann , who still considered it as a variety of C. Cyrtospirifer ambosulcatus Maillieux, Spirifer verneuili var. Maillieux , p.