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Randal Houses for moderate means. Second edition revised and enlarged. Philipott, Thomas Villare Cantianum ; or, Kent surveyed and illustrated. The second edition, corrected. Pevsner, Nikolaus The Englishness of English art. An expanded and annotated version of the Reith lectures broadcast in October and November Pevsner, Nikolaus An enquiry into industrial art in England. Pevsner, Nikolaus Studies in art, architecture and design.

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Victorian and after. Pevsner, Nikolaus Matthew Digby Wyatt. An inaugural lecture.

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Pevsner, Nikolaus An outline of European architecture. New and enlarged edition. Pevsner, Nikolaus Some architectural writers of the 19th century. Pevsner, Nikolaus The Reith lectures The Englishness of English art. Foreword by Andrew Saint. Perkins, Jocelyn ; Bumpus, John S.

Westminster Abbey and St. Illustrated from original drawings by L. Russell Conway and by photographs. Pepys, Rev. Henry The remains of the late Viscount Royston, with a memoir of his life. Pennell, Joseph Etchers and etching. Chapters in the history of the art together with technical explanations of modern artistic methods.

Pennell, Elizabeth Robins French cathedrals. Monasteries and abbeys and sacred sites of France. Illustrated with one hundred and eighty-three pictures by Joseph Pennell also with plans and diagrams. Pennant, Thomas Some account of London. The fifth edition, with considerable additions. Pearman, Robert The Cadogan estate.

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  • 社長ブログ/MIURA-三浦建設/熊本の外張り断熱(外断熱)工法のすまい.

The history of a landed family. Tscherning in Bebenhausen. Paterson, Daniel A new and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in Great-Britain. The twelfth edition including the roads of Scotland, which were heretofore published in a separate pamphlet; and many other very considerable additions and improvements. Parker, John Henry An introduction to the study of Gothic architecture. Seventh edition. The third edition, enlarged with Companion to the third edition of a glossary of terms used in Gothic architecture.


Containing four hundred additional examples, a chronological table, and indexes. Third edition. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Paris, William Franklin Decorative elements in architecture. Random observations on the eternal fitness of things from a decorative point of view.

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Pare, Richard ed Court house a photographic document. Edited by Richard Pare. Conceived and directed by Phyllis Lambert. Paolozzi, Eduardo Eduardo Paolozzi. Collages and drawings.

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Paine, James Plans, elevations, sections, and other ornaments of the mansion-house, belonging to the Corporation of Doncaster. Demonstrating, in the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the ground plan to the ornamental finish.. Pahl, R.

Urbs in rure. The metropolitan fringe in Hertfordshire. Pagan, M. The face of the land. With an introduction by Clough Williams-Ellis. Ozinga, M. De romaanse kerkelijke bouwkunst. Tekst von Prof. De gothische kerkelijke bouwkunst.

Ozinga met mederwerking van Ir. Experiences doubts certainties conclusions … translated by Helen Beauclerk and Violet Macdonald.

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Ozenfant Foundations of modern art. Translated by John Rodker. A life of Sir George Beaumont. Owen, David The government of Victorian London Overy, Paul Light, air and openness. Modern architecture between the wars. Ottagono Ottagono Settembre Ostergard, Derek E. Ordish, George The living garden.

Illustrations by Alison Claire Darke. Opie, John Lectures on painting, delivered at the Royal Academy of Arts : with a letter on the proposal for a public memorial of the naval glory of Great Britain … to which are prefixed, a memoir by Mrs Opie, and other accounts of Mr. Onderdonk, Francis S. The ferro-concrete style. Reinforced concrete in modern architecture.

With four hundred illustrations of European and American ferro-concrete design. Olsen, Donald J. Town planning in London.