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When acts are done with love, says Marjorie, the whole world is raised up. It is not intended to speak for any spiritual path, teacher, or religion.

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In this book, the author has made occasional use of certain terms, such as Eckankar, ECK, Mahanta, Vairagi, and soul travel that are trademarks of Eckankar. The author has intended only to make a fair use of such terms, recognizing that the rights to their trademark usage belong entirely to Eckankar. During one of our early interviews, she showed me a photo of Ben Franklin hanging on the wall in her apartment and pointed out how similar-looking they are.

I must have been one of his relatives in a colonial lifetime, she remarked with a laugh.

Marjorie can twinkle with good humor, but she can also be no-nonsense and quietly authoritative. Remarkably accomplished in things of the spirit, Marjorie is also down-to-earth and approachable. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of many subjects, primarily those having to do with historical events and the movers and shakers behind them.

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She has had heart surgery for a congenital heart murmur and problems stemming from childhood rheumatic fever; she also suffers from curvature of the spine and has crippling arthritis in her knees. Additionally, she struggles with hearing loss and sight difficulties.

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What keeps Marjorie going in the face of difficulties, including her physical challenges, is her dedication to being of service in the world. From her extensive family tree she has selected individuals to profile, who have lived their lives as vehicles for Spirit. These are persons from different times, places, and religions who have heeded the call of Spirit to serve others in ways large and small, and always from a place of love.

The blood coursing through her veins possessed an adventurous spirit, abundant vitality, and the rugged strength of an unlikely convergence of adventurers, entrepreneurs, and spiritual reformers.

Her ancestral heritage finds expression in her deep researches into constitutional and international law, global geography, and maps of the antique world. From this perspective, her attributes and interests can be seen as the outgrowth of the lives of the innovators, individualists, and iconoclasts embedded in the living trunk of her ancestry:.

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