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Astrobiologists are looking at unusual environments on Earth for clues on how to search for life elsewhere in the solar system. More than 50 years later, the renowned astronomer is surprised by the cultural impact of his Drake Equation. Finding communicative aliens is a long shot, but if we do, here are a few next steps to consider. In this activity, students will devise an experiment to find out whether chia seeds are still able to grow after exposure to extreme conditions like the ones we may find on other planets.

Two of the creators of the Voyager Golden Record remember how they crafted a message for alien civilizations. It seems incredible that earthlings could be the first technological society. So where is everyone?

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A place of active research to pursue and implement the programmatic intents contained in the manifesto of Life Beyond Tourism. Italiano English.

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Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism. Seminars, workshops, conventions and research for the development of the LBT Model.

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