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So I put vintage luggage stickers of all the places that he like to go to and the things that he liked it he liked to do, on it. When I went to take a picture something happened that never happened before or since then..

Can loved ones in heaven see what we are doing on earth?

I would tip the phone one way to try to level it and it would spin wildly the other direction… Just back-and-forth for about five minutes. So I just started snapping pictures, Hoping to get it level. I laughed and said you still have it Dad So I got to the pictures and started deleting pictures that were going every direction when something caught my eye. So what is later one of my friends why should the picture to the edited it and I had never even thought of it.

So I went home and played with filters and things and even more detail showed up. Each time I saved the original picture and went back to it.

Since then, a few times there is thumping up in the other suitcase shelves I feel like my dad has a friend? Are iPhone cameras Electrical? Yes that's interesting I have a story about that but it's not applicable to this article and really has nothing to ourt existance as been been in a human form.

A Medium Channels a Loved One—and Explains Our Purpose Here and How We All Can Connect | Goop

My dear friend died last week and already a big butterfly was in my path and a large dragonfly flew right into my workspace. It flew all around for a minute and then left through the door it came in. That has never happened before. I be leave you this happened to us we just from the funeral of my brother. My grandmothers phone number ended on and where ever i am i always seem to look on the clock on My mum passed away 3 months ago just before my 60th birthday I know she wasn't ready to die.

I miss her terribly and have found something of hers in the doorway of the washer. My husband says it must have been stuck to some th8 that went in the. Am I looking for something that is not there. Yes that's it moat people ignore it an think nothing of it. It's the most easy way for them to contact you through dream. My 17 year old niece just died from an automobile accident, she fought hard for two weeks and we laid her to rest 2 days ago. I dreamed of her last night. Very vivid dream, colors were so bright, I was standing in a grove of trees and I thought I saw her in my peripheral, but as i turned to look a light breeze blew past me and as it did I could hear her voice saying See, then again behind me and then the the left I could barely see a faint images in my peripheral, but could hear only the word see as the breeze brushed by me.

Her presence was so strong. And as I woke I could smell flowers.

2. Your loved ones are NOT in pain

A friend of mine looked out his window last night. And seen his dead mother. Wearing the clothes she was buried in. Holding a white candel. And he wanting to know the meaning. Or message that she could be trying to send. What if they are not a loved one? He just haunts the house. He shot himself on the front porch. Will burying a clear quartz crystal.

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I had him come to me threw my son why he was sleeping to talk to me I say him raise his head in the clouds and signed me with I love in sighn language he sent me a dragon breathing out is nose in the clouds. My brother past away he loved aniamals Whats so powerful about that is the buddhist would call that lower rebirth i remember been some big insect although i could not see what i was i rememeber been hit by something hit the ground dying i remember thinking up go highier then i woke in a human body but i did not remember any of this for many years.

This morning the same butterfly that follows me all the time cane and flew on my nose and I immediately knew it was Grandma. I want her to communicate with me more often so I can keep up with her how do I do that?

New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

Can yall help this young lady me. Sounds to me like most folk want to find a good medium tell you about my experience nothing to do with my family I went to stay in a hotel in Llandudno north Wales they put me in a room on top floor as I walking into the room I noticed the air felt dense almost heavy like but i took no notice I was looking round the room chk it out when something caught my attention I could not see anything but I starting getting glimpses in third eye it felt like it was greeting me and a feeling of true peace and tranquility I've never had before well I went to bed that night and started dreaming of a very young girl that had feel out of the window I briefly thought about when I woke I got dressed ready for breakfast I meet the hotel staff on the landing and mentioned I'd had a strange episode in the room not mentioning the dream the two looked at one another the said oh room 21 test I replied.

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Yes a little girl feel to her death from that room she slipped on the ledge of the window sound's like bull shit. But I hate telling lies. I was picking up some clothes on the floor, and after I finished I looked over a spot by my bed. I saw a piece of paper rolled up ike a little thin cigarett.

My daughter used to do this when she snorted her pills. I got so scared I had a hard time moving. But earlier this morning I know I heard a sound that he used to do. My brother passed at 40 and had been a paraplegic for 19 years! I just wanted to hear more! Flickering lights as far away it came close and stayed with me for a little bit and then it became 2 The second one was the smaller one. And they came closer with an arm length. My father passed away when I was a young lady. I always felt as if I was my father's favorite even tho he loves all my siblings.

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  5. 1. Your loved ones are alive and well in the afterlife.
  6. The music he listened to tends to come on during important life events. When I was married, I heard one of his favorite songs twice - once before my marriage while getting ready and again as we were leaving, the same song Also during this time, my father, I felt as if he was trying to reach out to me through music and even with touch to tell me things I miss both my parents so much.

    A lot of the signs seem very familar think a lot of people do not take any notice or they have coincidences i stopped thinking believing like that i think were directed by loved ones departed but the signs can be very subtle you probably heard the saying were a spiritual being have a human experience i so love the one were they sw the light i actually experienced that when my young bro passed there was no body by the bedside lamp it came and off his son daughter wife and my self witnessed it we just looked at one another when it happened.

    I lost my dad in aug of I live in the house we lived together in. My one clock will work then stop then work again. I have music play a lot in my head. My father passed away a year ago He lived in the granny flat near my house with Mum On Sundays we would all go out and now in the winter when it gets dark early we come home and find that the bedside table is on It does not come on at other times that we are aware of only if I haven't got mum home before dark on sundays. Very interesting. I lost my husband 2 years ago.

    He had cancer and died within 7 months. The sew machine cabinet doors opened. The have magnets to keep them closed so they can't open my themself. Ive also had some very nasty dreams. My dad was a carpenter and mechanic and he drank beer, well right after he passed away I went up to the store and my car had a strong smell of saw dust and beer! It was so strong I cracked the window and looked over at my husband and just smiled! It stayed for about 20 minutes then went away!

    Cartlatvelli yes my ears ring from time to time sometimes it's only a min or more then stops don't suffer from tinitus can only think of another reason that's if your developing a head so you have to eliminate that first.