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Born in a town called Snowsdale in the country of Galla , Daine also travels to many other kingdoms, including Carthak. When searching for a new assistand during the horse fair in Galla , Onua Chamtong meets a young girl, Daine. She takes her on as assistant after she sees how effortlessly Daine manages the herd of ponies Onua has to take south.

In Tortall Daine finds new friends. She also has to face the fact, that she has a very unusual kind of magic, which only one other person seems to know about. Daine has answered a call for help from a pack of wolves she knew in her old home.

Since then the pack has moved to Dunlath in Tortall. At first this seemed the perfect place for them, until the humans there began to exploit the nature in the valley.

Urban Fantasy

Now the wolves want Daine to stop the nobles who govern the valley. But Daine, a commoner, is not sure she can be much help to them.


Ozorne , the Emperor of Carthak , has allowed a delegation of Tortallans to come to his palace for peace talks. Daine accompanies the delegation.

The emperor had explicitly asked for her because his beloved birds have become ill. However, the birds soon became Daine's smallest problem, when she discovers, that Carthak's cranky patron goddess, the Graveyard Hag , has an interest in her. Fighting two very dangerous immortals, Daine and Numair are taken into the Divine Realms , the home of the gods.

They are eager to return home and help their friends in the oncoming battles, but the only hope they have to get back is by traveling through the Divine Realms to the Dragonlands and convince a dragon to bring them back home. A journey full of dangers begins. A collection of cover arts sorted by design can be found here.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Once there was a race of beings not of angels and not of man A cross-breed between the divine and the mortal, known as the Nephilim. Some adapted and moved on to become as gods among men, scattered over the continents by the floods intended to kill them, to create varying forms of divinity in their image. One in particular, Nemesis, began the Immortal War - the bloodiest war in human history.

Nemesis and his wife Lamia were imprisoned in an attempt to end the war. For twenty years Nemesis has waited for release Soon, Nemesis will get his wish.

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Angus the Mage: Books 1, 2, and 3. Angus is an apprentice wizard, but he doesn't remember being one. He doesn't even remember He doesn't even remember who he is or where he's from. And MasterVoltari isn't talking. Then Angus is cast out ofVoltari's tower and finds himself in a world he View Product. Beyond the Ivory Tower: An Autobiography. After a childhood in the province of Bihar in northern India, Cyril Philips was called After a childhood in the province of Bihar in northern India, Cyril Philips was called into the army in the Second World War, joining the Education Corps - the start of his carer as an educationalist.

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After the war, for the Darkness Cloaks the Land: Book 1 of the. Father and Mother have been lost to The Darkness! Twelve year old Lauren has taken Twelve year old Lauren has taken up the task to ensure the Tower of Light still shines to guide their parents home.