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Which are odd, but not impossible.

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Both main characters are scientists, they have a weird case on their hands, but nothing really points at the supernatural nature of the case. Until about two-thirds in, when this book really takes off into paranormal land. Alexis Kane is a Canadian profiler, "on loan" to the Florida police for this case of murders of Canadian pensioners in a trailer park. He is super-rational, likes to think he has banned emotions from his life, and is very good at seizing up people.

Be they murderers, suspects, or the men he works with, he's got all of them figured out. He is also a man of deep emotions, but he'd never let that show, believing they make him weak.

FLORIDA HEAT Florida Heat Series Book 1

It was fascinating to see him slowly lose his cool as the case progressed — and the evidence of something sinister behind it all started to pile up. Allen Petrie is a brilliant forensic scientist, but his instincts are strong and a past case in LA has shown him there may be more to life than the parts science can prove. Now in a new job in Florida, he still prefers facts, but he is too much a realist to deny what he has seen and experienced.

The tension between him and most of the police force is palpable, but he sticks to his guns. He is very thorough in his job, even if his personal life is somewhat of a mess.

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Different from Alexis, he is still looking for love, but has been disappointed so far. When these two give in to their lust for each other the connection is immediate, and much stronger than Alexis wants to admit. I loved their banter and discussions, and was very sorry to see them separate at the end of the case. Since there are more books in this series, that alone would not have been so bad. Manly would let us hang this way.

Maybe I should have known better - let me tell you, I was screaming in frustration!

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So, if you're allergic to cliffhangers, wait until all the books in this series are published. If you like a bit of suspense, or a heck of a lot of it, actually, give this one a try. It is definitely a good murder mystery, has lots of sexual tension and some hot action, and the vampire part is out of this world. If there is such a thing as a "realistic vampire" — this is it!

The rest of the book is so "rational", he sort of sneaks up on you. I liked the build up here. Alexis is quite funny, and I really enjoyed getting to know him a bit. Poor Allen can't seem to get a break without people thinking he is nuts. He and Alexis make a good couple, even though it doesn't seem to be in the cards. Looking forward to seeing where this story is headed.

Nov 05, Maya rated it really liked it. View 2 comments. Jan 09, Thomaidha Papa rated it really liked it. Although I very, very frustrated with the ending I must say that this was a very good book and had my attention from line 1 till the very end. Where I literally exploded. The astonishing thing is that this mix is just perfect. You start reading a great mystery with the leading star Alexis, who is a highly accomplished profiler.

Now Alexis description is plain hot.

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You will fall in love with this character from the very start. Alexis is called down to Florida to solve a series of murders. Murders that Dr.

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  • Allen Petrie is claiming to be caused by a… vampire. Allen already nearly blew his career in L. In the meantime the case is crawling and going nowhere as long as Alexis looks only the facts, it makes leaps though and they actually have the murderer in their face once he open his eyes to the unexplainable.

    Alexis will never admit out loud that their murderer is a vampire, a man of facts till the very end he tries hard to make it so.

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    But he has no choice when the murderer seems to be after Allen. The pattern is there and there is no way out of it, no logical explanation and Alexis once again has to succumb to what his guts tell him so he can save the one person he might be falling in love with. Oh hell, I have no idea what to say about this book, there are so many things and not in the right order.

    It was a fantastic read for me. I loved the storyline, the plot, the action and the suspense it had. Allen was pretty interesting too. And Chad, the detective in lead, oh dear, what a persona. I had the laugh of my life with him, well pulled indeed. I loved the mix, I loved how it was written, I loved the narrative. Perhaps it was my own fault for not noticing that this is the first book of a new series, perhaps I simply wanted more and would be happy with more pages or so… Perhaps! Aug 26, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it it was ok Shelves: what-vampires , what-mystery , what-action-thriller-suspense , why-scavenger-hunt , ucaug , why-shaug , what-dogs , what-adjectives-don-t-modify-verbs , what-no-happy , how-ebook.

    Why two short "A" names? He's not just the medical examiner but can analyze tape residue? No chemistry. Allen was interested from the beginning but it was out of the blue for Alexis. Oh come on. I'm moving to Florida. Ok not, but still.

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    I think average price in Seattle is half a mil. Was 3. Nov 27, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: for-review. I was hoping that would change with Florida Heat. I was annoyed very early on in this book. There were lines of French used throughout the book, but I found it especially annoying in the first chapter. Later on, when I was into the story, I was fine with it and no longer found it annoying.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I got to know the characters. Alexis seemed cold and kept everyone at a distance but he grew on me as I got to know him. Allen was a little boring, a little depressing, but I liked him too. They had a job to do and had to work together in order to get it done.

    Once the sexual relationship between Alexis and Allen kicked off, I liked it. It was believable and worked for me. The paranormal part was pretty good too. I appreciated that part of it, but I was disappointed with the police investigation and the mystery of the killer. It was just as important to the story as the romance and I thought that it should have been stronger and more compelling.

    The flow of the investigation felt choppy and forced to me. I hate to drop spoilers but I have to do a minor one and talk about the ending. Some people might get angry because there is no HEA. If you need a HEA, prepare yourself to be disappointed. I loved the lack of HEA here. In fact, the ending is what ultimately won me over. Neither of these guys was going to uproot their lives or make a dramatic turnaround based on a two week romance, no matter how good it was.

    This was a good book.