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With Composition: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author and photographer Laurie Excell starts with the basics of composition and explores how the elements of color, shape, angles, and contrast work to create co. Amazon Verified Purchase What's this? Help other customers find the most helpful reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Comments 2. An excellent book on photographic composition , December 24, As I am travelling a lot from place to place, I like to bring some of my library with me, and since I'm doing quite a lot of photographic work on my trips, some of my reading is about taking photos.


So I bought the e-book edition of the superb book by Laurie Excell without even reflecting on the fact that the Kindle don't render the photos in colour. Since the screen is ra You took all the photos in the book, Laurie? Because when I saw the cover of chapter 6, I knew I had seen that boat somewhere! And infact, I found at Scott Kelby's book "The Digital Photography Book volume 1 " the exact same subject well in your book there is something underneath the book that was photoshoped out! I know all the high profile Nikon shooters know ea I'm still on Chapter 1, but I should thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and understand how we could take our little hobbies and make them into something meaningful.

I've started taking interest in photography a mere 8 months ago when my baby boy was born.

Composition From Snapshots to Great Shots – Book review

But my point and shoot didn't listen to me! I got the DSLR, and even that didn't quite listen! Hi Laurie, great job on the book! I happened to run across it during vacation in Florida and was exactly what I was looking for.

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One question I have is where your focus point is with landscape shots. Do you focus at a certain point and then re-compose for the shot you want so everthing is in sharp focus? Does it depend on the aperture you are using? I have a question if anyone knows the answer. Why Laurie always talks about a flashlight?

I mean, isn't there a button on the camera to light up the display? And an INFO button?

Night Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots

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