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His fumble at the Lions 1 was his second of the season, including the preseason, in a goal-to-go situation.

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When you go over top you expose the football. Cornerback Casey Hayward was one of four players to go all 61 snaps on defense. Hayward has 12 interceptions since joining the Chargers in That is the fourth in the league over the past three-plus seasons.

He had a yard attempt hit the left upright during the third quarter and was wide right from 41 yards in the fourth. Phillips will be out for a significant period of time due to a broken right forearm which he suffered during the fourth quarter.

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Lynn said Phillips would be placed on injured reserve in hopes he could possibly return sometime later this season. There are no signs of Melvin Gordon ending his holdout soon.

The biggest adjustment on defense will be seeing who will replace Phillips at strong safety, with Rayshawn Jenkins and Jaylen Watkins being the most likely. Chargers have no one to blame but themselves after loss.

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Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. Jason Whiting, relationship therapist and professor at Texas Tech University, it all boils down to our love of certainty, fairness and safety.

When something unpleasant happens, people naturally will try to come up with an explanation for it. Their explanations are based on their own experiences, skill sets and acquired knowledge. They trust in the certainty of their answer rather than siding with you and the reality of details because admitting their mistake challenges their sense of ego and expertise.

Stop blaming others for all your faults and failures.

These kind of statements reveal that the person blaming you is confident in their assumptions about what would have happened, had you acted differently. People value fairness from the evolutionary perspective because they feel that, if everybody has the same rules and chances, there's less of a worry about missing out and being isolated. The underlying belief is that, if you do the right thing or what you're "supposed" to do, you'll get good things, and that if you do the wrong thing, or break the rules, you'll get bad things.

So under the " just world fallacy ", people will assume that, because something bad happened to you, you are at fault. The justifications they come up with are often not logical, connecting unrelated things, but it's hard for them not to blame you without giving up the sense of security they get from believing fairness always applies.

No One To Blame

As we form relationships with others, we form an opinion about whether we can trust them or not, based on factors like their previous behavior and personality. In a conflict, however, people might not behave as we have come to expect. Others will blame you, rather than accept that someone they like did something wrong, because accepting what happened violates those preformed opinions and, subsequently, their sense of safety.

It makes them doubt what kind of treatment they'll get from others or whether they'll be able to defend themselves, making them anxious, insecure and scared.