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The Story Hall

Taiko Drumming with Bonnie Soon | ArtStarts in Schools

Do those of you who are more in the know than me have any views on this compilation? Is it worth a few quid of my hard-earned cash, or is it just a rip-off? Oddly this showed up on iTunes in France a few days ago.

I took a couple of days to get round to downloading it… and yesterday it simply disappeared. Very odd….

Timothy B. Schmit’s Herman Matthews

To me it sounds like Tony Sheridan singing lead with guitar solo, Paul on high harmony and bass, John on low harmony, George not singing and the lead guitar part and Pete on drums. And it also sounds like overdubbed handclaps to me. I serioulsy doubt that is the Beatles on cheesy background vocals.

Whomever it is is doing a pretty fair Jordaniaires impression.

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  4. Bonnie LaValley.

The screaming and shouting at the end is pure Beatles, typical of their live performances. Not something I would buy as a Beatles collector. The recording session occurred in June and Stu officially left the next month. So, had The Beatles already unofficially moved on?

Most sources say that, while Stu attended the recording session, Paul is on bass. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Jim Gordon Nothing But Music

Compared to me, everyone in the world seems to be a raving success. They publish several novels a year, start businesses, win awards, are asked to speak at conferences and, even more, get paid for it! Not I. Anyone can be president or a millionaire, if you just try hard enough. Take my primary interest: writing books.

I may have owned 10, books myself over the course of my life. Realistically, the odds of me or anyone selling tons of books are miniscule. I have a friend with an even more aggravated sense of inferiority than mine. Tokyo Beat Framed limited edition by Bonnie and Clyde. Now we make records to promote tour dates. I never make a conscious decision about what to write about.

Simply put: McMurtry brings forth a another new masterpiece.


Whiplash vocals further frenzy the beat. Such vibrant vignettes consistently turn heads.

George Marinelli

They have for a quarter century now. The former earned his highest Billboard chart position in nearly two decades and notched Americana Music Award nominations. Meanwhile, Childish Things scored endless critical praise and spent six full weeks topping the Americana Music Radio chart in and Of course, Complicated Game doubles down on literate storytelling longtime enthusiasts expect.

More history: McMurtry critically lauded first album Too Long in the Wasteland was produced by John Mellencamp and marked the beginning of a series of acclaimed projects for Columbia and Sugar Hill Records. The following year, Childish Things notched arguably his most critical praise, spending six weeks at No. This album marked his highest Billboard chart position in more than nearly two decades.

The poignant lyrics of his immense catalog still ring true today. McMurtry tours year round and consistently throws down unparalleled powerhouse performances. James McMurtry , Bonnie Whitmore. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Aug James McMurtry with Bonnie Whitmore. Good Medicine Presents and Numbskull Productions. Event description. Read more Read less.