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Genesis chapter five gives the genealogy of Adam to Noah. Genesis 10 lists many of the descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Genesis 11 gives the genealogy of Shem to Abraham. Genealogies make up the first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles.

Is this a contradiction? Paul obviously believed in the inspiration of the Old Testament. To conclude that an apostle who claimed to be guided by the Holy Spirit cf. Samuel , even on the surface, is a forced interpretation. Third, genealogies were necessary under the Old Law in order to distinguish tribes, disseminate land, discern duties e. There was no need for Jews to use genealogies to dispute over their identity as a nation, tribe, or family. Galatians ; Colossians The Messiah would come from the seed of Abraham Genesis , the tribe of Judah Genesis , the family of Jesse Isaiah , and the house of David Jeremiah Indeed, this is precisely what happened, as the New Testament writers, including the apostle Paul, reveal Galatians ; Matthew ; Luke Perfect for the general reader, professors, and Bible scholars, these three volumes will enlighten, encourage, and stimulate thinking and application.

The Logos edition makes study easy by linking with every Scripture reference to the Bibles in your library. With commentary on every book of the Bible, these 10 volumes of commentary have been combined into three volumes convenient volumes, allowing you to progress through your studies without disruption. John Gill was born in in England. A Baptist clergyman, Gill was also a biblical scholar, learning Latin and Greek by age He was also a fervent Reformed thinker, holding to the Five Points of Calvinism. Gill is considered by many to be the father of hyper-Calvinism.

He was a preacher at the Strict Baptist Church for fifty—one years, which later became the Metropolitan Tabernacle, pastorate of Charles Spurgeon.

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Because of his considerable scholarship, Gill was given an honorary doctorate by the University of Aberdeen in He is most known for being the author of definitive academic works, including, The Doctrine of the Trinity Stated and Vindicated , The Cause of God and Truth , and A Body of Doctrinal Divinity , all of which are included in this collection. Gill died in His reflections are borne out of prolonged reflection and pastoral sensitivity—not abstruse theological concepts or an abstract engagement of the text.

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Mackintosh coaxingly invites readers to place themselves within the stories of the Pentateuch and confront the issues faced by the characters—to walk the garden with Adam and Eve, to connive with Jacob, to travel with Joseph, and to wander with the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt to the freedom of the Promised Land. The Pentateuch expresses the most basic human sentiments, and exposes the tension between promises and fulfillment, good and evil, belief and deception.

Charles Henry Mackintosh — was notable for his work in philanthropic work during the Irish Potato Famine which affected much of Ireland, Scotland, and England at the time.

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He converted to Christianity through correspondence with his sister and through reading John Darby's Operations of the Spirit. Featuring nineteen distinguished scholars of the Old Testament, this volume collection on Genesis is an indispensable and comprehensive analysis of the first book of the Pentateuch.

The contributions from these eminent theologians cover biblical history, linguistics, typology, textual criticism, documentary hypothesis, translations, and much, much more. A critical exploration into the beginnings of man, this collection features well known scholars from the late 19th and early 20th centuries such as August Dillmann, John Cumming, and Robert Smith Candlish. Highly influential, nearly all contemporary commentaries on Genesis cite these significant works. The twenty-two volumes contained in Classic Studies on Genesis have had an enduring impact on Old Testament exegesis, and this exceptional collection provides easy accessibility to this wealth of significant scholarship.

With almost 9, pages of Old Testament exegesis, including twelve commentaries and ten other remarkable studies on Genesis, this collection is essential for students, scholars, pastors, historians, and teachers of the Bible.

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These conservative, expository messages are rich in devotional emphasis and contain many theological discussions of special value to all students of the Word. All the major events of Genesis are expounded to bring out the doctrine of grace. Thoughts and observations are expressed with a simplicity and economy of language seldom mastered. It should be in every biblical library. The editor writes, "This exposition is evidently the result of long and earnest study of the holy scriptures.

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It is the history of the creation and of the flood explained and spiritualized, and had it been originally published in that form and under a proper title, it would most probably have become a very popular work If the thousands of godly preachers who are scattered over our comparatively happy island were to take Bunyan's mode of expounding scripture as their pattern, it would increase their usefulness, and consequently their happiness, in the great work of proclaiming and enforcing the doctrines of the gospel.

John Bunyan of Elstow and Bedford, is important to the Reformed tradition, since his famous allegory is one of the chief avenues by which the Puritan spirit entered the mainstream of the English Reformation. Badman , and The Holy War Other works were primarily expository, doctrinal, and practical. Bunyan joined the Bedford Baptist Church and soon began preaching in nearby villages. Prosecuted under an Elizabethan act against nonconformity, he was imprisoned for three months, which was extended to twelve years, with a brief respite during the sixth year.

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Bunyan emphasized the centrality of the Bible as the foundation for belief and conduct, stressing the grace of God as the basis of predestination, the focal point of eternal salvation. None of the elect could fall from grace. Though Bunyan was primarily an adherent of the Calvinist tradition, his view of God as Savior, providing salvation from divine wrath rather than God as sovereign ruler, and his belief in the necessity of justification through grace alone showed influence of Luther.

The separatist tradition shaped his view of the sacraments. He strongly opposed teachings of the Quakers and the Arminians. To Jews and Christians alike, the narrative of the temptation and fall of man is an article of faith. In The Serpent of Eden , Rev. Bible verses are hyperlinked to your favorite translation, giving you instant access to each passage mentioned throughout this volume. As the book of beginnings, Genesis records the origins not just of the earth but of God's revelation of himself and his dealings with mankind. Pink shows that the essential doctrines of the entire Scriptures can be traced to the book of Genesis, including doctrines such as the Trinity, election, justification by faith, divine incarnation, the priesthood of Christ, and the judgment of God on the wicked.

Pink a native of Nottingham, England, whose life as a pastor and writer was spent in a variety of locations in the British Isles, the United States, and Australia. As a young man he turned away from the Christian faith of his parents and became an adherent of the theosophical cult; but then he experienced an evangelical conversion and crossed the Atlantic in , at the age of 24, to become a student at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. After only six weeks, however, he left to take up a pastoral ministry.

It was during the years that followed that he found his way to a strictly Calvinistic position in theology. He was soon wielding a quite prolific pen. As one whose life was devoted to the study and exposition of the Scriptures, he became the author of numerous books which the Banner of Truth Trust has been assiduously reprinting in recent times.

No doubt his chief monument is the paper Studies in the Scriptures which he produced monthly and regularly for a period of thirty years from the beginning of until his death in This massive twenty-one volume collection features some of the best commentaries and studies on the book of Exodus from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With scholars and authors such as James G.

The twenty-one volumes contained in Classic Commentaries and Studies on Exodus have had an enduring impact on Old Testament exegesis, and this exceptional collection provides easy accessibility to this wealth of significant scholarship. This 14 volume collection features some of the best commentaries and studies on the book of Exodus from the eighteenth to early twentieth centuries.

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With scholars and authors like Richard G. Robinson , and E. Palmer , Classic Commentaries and Studies on Exodus offers nearly 4, pages of quality commentary, criticism, context, interpretation, and application of this important Old Testament book. These 14 commentaries and studies on Exodus have had an enduring impact on Old Testament exegesis. With this exceptional collection you have easy access to a wealth of significant scholarship on Exodus. A central theme of the book of Exodus is the redemption of God's people. In this in-depth commentary, Pink shows how the theme of redemption in Exodus is not formally expounded as a doctrine but is strikingly illustrated by narrative, types and symbols.

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As he draws the Old and New Testaments together, you will be impressed once again that the story of history is the story of God and his people. Contains 72 chapters of verse by verse commentary perfectly suited to the preaching pastor, Sunday school teacher, Bible study leader, or layperson engaged in Bible study. Israel entered Egypt as a family and left Egypt as a nation, brought forth by the power of God.

In this way, Exodus teaches us about the nature of deliverance and redemption—and that places Exodus squarely within the New Testament narrative of grace. Take note of Exodus, says Gaebelein, to understand the nature of deliverance. The Book of Exodus: A Complete Analysis of Exodus with Annotations serves as an excellent introduction to this important story of redemption. He was converted at an early age, and became ordained in the Methodist church in Gaebelein was a prolific writer. He wrote numerous books and tracts and served as editor of Our Hope , a Bible study magazine, for fifty-two years.

He also co-edited the Scofield Reference Bible. Gaebelein devoted nearly ten years of his life to writing The Annotated Bible , a 3,page commentary on Scripture, also available from Logos. He also lectured frequently at Dallas Theological Seminary. Gaebelein died in This massive twenty-one volume collection features some of the best commentaries and studies on the book of Leviticus from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

With scholars such as S. Driver , M. Kalisch , James G. The twenty-one volumes contained in Classic Commentaries and Studies on Leviticus 21 vols. The Classic Commentaries and Studies on Numbers and Deuteronomy offers some of the most significant classic studies on the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With notable authors such as Richard G. The twenty-one volumes contained in the Classic Commentaries and Studies on Numbers and Deuteronomy 20 vols.

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Classic Commentaries and Studies on Joshua offers more than 4, pages of interpretation, observation, translation, contextual history, reflection, and practical application. A rich and varied collection, it marries accessibility and scholastic richness. It treats of the period of their estatement as a nation, of which Genesis was prophetic and the rest of the Pentateuch immediately preparatory.

The books of Moses would be imperfect without this one: as it is the capstone of them, so it is the foundation of those which follow Thus this book may be contemplated from two distinct but closely related standpoints: first as the end of Israel's trials and wanderings in the wilderness, and second as the beginning of their new life in the land. It is that twofold viewpoint which supplies the clue to its spiritual interpretation, as it alone solves the problem which so many have found puzzling in this book. Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5.