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The Incredible Overcoming Life of Evelyn Peterson, Ph.d

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Preaching Face-to-Face: An Invitation An Ordinary Wonder. Revolutionary Bodies.

The Elementary Forms of the New Version: 1. Foyles uses cookies to help ensure your experience on our site is the best possible. Title of the book contains:. Author's name contains:. There is a basic psychological principle: before you can share what you feel you must first know who accepts you and why. Without this foundation of acceptance, feelings are based upon either conformity to the expectations of others or the distortions of ones own masks. This foundation gives me the freedom to face my feelings even when I may not like them. Then I may choose to express these feelings in appropriate ways.

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Being loved becomes the essence for finding and fulfilling my identity. Now let me share how His love has transformed my life to be a witness for Him. Doctors, doctors, doctors…. Somehow I feel ashamed to be me—being looked at as different, but not knowing why. I overhear Mom tell them about two other boys who were born before me and died.

My busy ears tell me I could have two more big brothers. When we get home, Mom hugs me and says, I am so glad I have you. I felt very wanted in spite of my shame.

Psalm Lo children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Stop wiggling, says Grandma in a stern voice as she tries to pin a newspaper pattern around me. I want to dance and play, not hold still. Grandma sits in front of the sewing machine in the upstairs hallway. The sun shines through a hall window as she pins and cuts the pattern. Soon her foot moves the pedal and I have a new dress and panties to match. Then I go out to play - proud to look pretty for my family.

Grandma makes special food for me like potato pancakes with applesauce or a glass of hot milk at bedtime. I wish I could crawl into her lap, but her eyes say no. She is unable to hug me, and I feel rejected. With my Mom, Dad, and Grandfather I can always count on getting a hug. I wish I could tell Grandma how much I want a hug from her. Maybe someday she will be able to give me one. Mark And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

She is making breakfast in the kitchen while Daddy has a pot of coffee going. The smell of coffee always makes me feel secure because Daddy is home and I know everything is okay. As I look out of the window, I scream when I see, on the clothesline, hanging by their ears, my three little teddy bears. I think, Surely they must be in pain.

To parents of small children: Let me be the one who says it out loud

My big brother, Bobby, walks into the kitchen laughing at me while I am crying and takes a picture of my little bears. Mom brings them inside and puts them in the oven to warm them up.

She holds me and yells at my big brother. That night, after a time of prayer with Mom, I go to bed with my bears safe under the covers. I cannot see them so I believe Bobby cannot see them either. I never trust Bobby again around my bears and dolls, which are like children to me. Psalm But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the Lord.

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School is wonderful. I am a big girl in kindergarten. Then I crawl up the stairs to the hallway where there is a door leading to the attic with four steps in front of it. I have a chalk board and write out the lesson for them. It is such a joy to teach them.

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My Granddad, Deede, listens in the living room next door. He tells my Mother, She will be a good teacher. I feel special to be able to share with my dear children. My dolls and teddy bears are like little people who need to learn just like.