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The double murder of a wealthy man and his daughter leads the detectives to the wife and stepmother of the deceased. However, Canada's objection to the death penalty hampers McCoy and Carmichael in seeking crucial evidence for obtaining a conviction. Prisoner of Love Season 1 - Episode A city arts commissioner and a socialite come under investigation when an artist noted for his sadomasochistic themes is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Vengeance Season 2 - Episode The parents of a murdered woman contest Stone's prosecution of her killer so that he can be extradited to their home state, where the death penalty still exists.

Blue Bamboo Season 5 - Episode 3. The killing of a Japanese nightclub owner who was visiting New York leads to the arrest of a singer who once worked for the deceased, and whose lawyer uses the "battered-woman syndrome" as a defense. While assisting on the case, Olivet remembers her own prior sexual assault. Over Here Season 17 - Episode Misconception Season 2 - Episode 6. The mugging of a pregnant legal secretary leads to a case involving her lover, her boss and charges of fetal murder when she loses the baby.

Law & Order

Blood is Thicker Season 2 - Episode An apparent mugging ends in the death of a wealthy woman but the case comes to hang on a silver pin that may have been in the victim's possession. The Fertile Fields Season 2 - Episode The brutal murder of a Jewish jeweler appears to be a hate crime, but the investigation soon leads back to the man's brother and his shady business deals. Bailout Season 19 - Episode The mistress of the CEO of a failed bank is killed in a hit-and-run and the investigation leads to a kidnapping and extortion plot.

Act of God Season 5 - Episode A bomb at a construction site kills a year-old boy, and the suspects include the bankrupt contractor and a jealous husband. Navy Blues Season 8 - Episode 3. McCoy finds himself battling the Navy and the office of the Judge Advocate General as he tries to prosecute a female pilot accused of murdering her married lover after he tried to break off with her.

Subterranean Homeboy Blues Season 1 - Episode 2. The shooting of two black men by a white woman in a crowded subway initially appears to be a case of self-defense, but further investigation reveals revenge as a possible motive. Laura di Biasi tries to make her case to Robinette, but he tries to distance himself from the issue. Stone has a hard time with the case, both in dealing with di Biasi's public aid attorney, Shambala Green, and dealing with the fact that not everyone in the district attorney's office can decide where they stand on the issue.

Everybody's Favorite Bagman Season 1 - Episode 6. After local councilman and former bagman Charles Halsey is mugged and his throat slashed, Logan and Greevey investigate the case and the two young black male suspects. As Stone and Robinette continue their investigation, they realize the case is linked to a corruption scandal including a dirty councilman.

Wentworth won't allow Stone to offer Scalisi immunity to avoid the appearance of impropriety, but in order to get what they want, their only option might be to make a deal with the mobster. Unable to utilize the police because of suspected corruption within the department, Stone goes to Assistant U. Attorney John McCormack for help. A crime scene investigator is murdered in her apartment.

Her fiance is suspected, but then a journalist is attacked and DNA is found at the scene that links this crime to the murder. Hot Pursuit Season 6 - Episode 5. When the detectives solve a series of murders committed by a holdup team in ski masks, McCoy must determine whether a young woman found with them is an unwilling hostage, or an active participant in the crimes.

Promises to Keep Season 3 - Episode Harvest Season 8 - Episode 4. A discrepancy concerning the time of death of a drive-by shooting victim leads McCoy and Ross to initiate prosecutions against both the shooter and the doctor who harvested her organs as transplant donations.

Misbegotten Season 18 - Episode 3.

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Green and Lupo investigate after a package explodes at a scientific research lab, resulting in the injury of a pregnant security guard. The investigation soon turns to the scientist's latest experiments. Melting Pot Season 17 - Episode After an actress is found dead in her apartment, Green and Cassady attempt to prove that her death was not a suicide.

Basement Wall Leaks - Repairing and Stopping Leaks

The Wages of Love Season 2 - Episode 2. A double homicide of an older man and his younger lover casts suspicion on both the ex-wife and the former boyfriend of the murdered duo, with the dead man's murdered son holding the key to the mystery. Sweetie Season 19 - Episode 6.

A well-known memoir writer is found dead in a community of male prostitutes. Identity Season 14 - Episode 6. Who Let the Dogs Out? Season 12 - Episode 1. The investigation into the death of a jogger mauled by a vicious dog leads to an Attica inmate, his attorneys, and an underground dog-fighting ring. Positive Season 16 - Episode Throughout the course of the investigation, detectives are led to Dr. Andrew Copelan, the doctor in charge of Emily Miller's care, who had been giving her an experimental A.

Great Satan Season 20 - Episode 3. Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate when an aspiring musician is found dead. A bag of cash leads them to multiple suspects. Jurisdiction Season 3 - Episode Stone battles the Brooklyn D.

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DR Season 12 - Episode The bludgeoning of two women in their apartment leads the detectives to a suspect who has taken a hostage while demanding legal representation Barter Season 7 - Episode An unpromising case of murder suddenly develops new leads when the cops explore the possibility that the victim was mistaken for someone else. Deceit Season 6 - Episode When a young attorney is murdered shortly after he decides to file a sexual harrassment claim against his employer, Briscoe and Curtis quickly discover that the alleged harasser and his wife each have an excellent motive for murder.

Burden Season 8 - Episode After a year-old quadriplegic dies at home in his bed, paramedics claim that he was suffocated and the suspects include the boy's parents and sister. The Troubles Season 1 - Episode Logan is forced to face his cultural biases when both a Lebanese gunrunner and an Irish terrorist are suspected of killing a drug dealer. Humiliation Season 6 - Episode 7. The investigation into a prostitute's murder leads to a married plastic surgeon as the obvious suspect, but Kincaid has a hunch that an elaborate frame-up is in play.

Loco Parentis Season 10 - Episode After sanitation workers find a teenage boy's body, the investigation leads to a school bully who displays an avid interest in martial-arts weapons, and whose father bought the murder weapon.

Take-Out Season 19 - Episode A writer is murdered after investigating an espionage case involving the Chinese government. Black Tie Season 4 - Episode 5. After wealthy Jonathan Keyes is found dead in his home, the police receive an anonymous tip that he was murdered.

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The medical examiner claims the death was natural causes, and even though the state finally gets the necessary proof that the death was murder, the methods used to obtain the needed evidence come under question when Stone tries the case in court. Snatched Season 4 - Episode Once Jason Bregman is found, suspicion turns to the victim himself. Fame Season 17 - Episode 1. Green and Cassady investigate the death of a cop accidentally killed during a botched robbery which leads them to stolen photographs of a celebrity mother married to a player. Nowhere Man Season 14 - Episode The District Attorney's Office is set on its ear when the investigation into the death of an A.

Ritual Season 8 - Episode Curtis and Briscoe investigate the death of Josef Moussad, an Arabic man found behind a dumpster, the victim of an apparent mugging. Ross is horrified that young Alison's grandmother and uncle were both in full support of the operation, which makes it hard for her to prosecute the case objectively.

U.S.Atlas of Nuclear Fallout 1951-1970 County Comparisons

Survivor Season 7 - Episode 4. Briscoe and Curtis's investigation of the murder of a rare coin dealer nets them a millionaire as a suspect, but Ross has to play detective too as the DA's office tries to establish a provenance for the missing coin collection. Deep Vote Season 11 - Episode Narcosis Season 10 - Episode The discovery of a strangled prostitute's body leads to a case involving illegal immigrants and the events have an impact on a family.

Bad Faith Season 5 - Episode Logan relives unhappy childhood memories when a friend is found dead; a presumed suicide, until the investigation reveals recent contact with a former priest who has a history of pedophilia. Silence Season 2 - Episode A politician opposes the prosecution of his son's murderer because it might mean revealing that his late son was gay. Severance Season 2 - Episode Stone faces an old rival in court as he tries to link a hit man and three murders to a sleazy lawyer and a powerful man behind bars. Nurture Season 4 - Episode Briscoe and Logan investigate the disappearance of a child from her abusive foster home and find her being held by a loving but disturbed woman who insists she has acted only for the child's own good.

The U.S. Atlas of Nuclear Fallout, Series by Richard L. Miller

Amends Season 11 - Episode 7. Under pressure from the department's top brass, a year-old murder case, initally investigated by Briscoe's now retired boss, is reopened involving the slaying of a teen-age girl with the spoiled son of a politically connected family as the prime suspect. Atonement Season 6 - Episode The investigation into the murder of a model with a passion for cocaine and partying focuses on the men in her life -- a nightclub owner, a basketball player, a photographer and a limousine driver. Access Nation Season 12 - Episode The murder of a psychologist leads to a case involving a computer company that sells information and their responsibility in shielding their clients' history in order to serve their needs.

Hands Free Season 14 - Episode When McCoy fails to win a murder conviction against an eccentric cross dressing millionaire for the death of his neighbor, he redoubles the effort to convict the man for murdering his second wife years earlier by demonstrating that he murdered a witness to the crime. Star Struck Season 2 - Episode An obsessive fan pleads temporary insanity when he is charged with attempting to murder the soap opera actress who is the center of his life. Sheltered Season 13 - Episode It's a race against time as the detectives go on the hunt for a sniper whose victims are shot in broad daylight.

The Reaper's Helper Season 1 - Episode 3. When construction worker Bobby Holland is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound, Logan and Greevey investigate and soon learn that Holland was gay. They arrest Jack Curry, the one man who is connected to all three cases, but rather than hide his connection to the three deaths, Curry admits that he was involved each time, and claims that each man asked him to help them commit suicide because they had AIDS. Stone has a hard time prosecuting the case because, deep down, he isn't certain Curry really did anything wrong.

When Logan and Greevey investigate how a family man came to be found unconscious in Central Park, they uncover a very high-class call girl operation run by a well-educated socialite. Ego Season 11 - Episode But as more is learned about Conroy's controlling relationships -- with the dead woman, with his wife and with a long-term girlfriend -- he quickly becomes a suspect.

Scrambled Season 9 - Episode 6. The murder of an employee at a fertility clinic leads to a case involving a dead man's first and second wives. Matrimony Season 7 - Episode The discovery of a would-be thief refocuses a murder investigation, leaving the prosecutors the task of making a conspiracy case against the deceased's attorney and the pretty young widow.

Endurance Season 11 - Episode 1. After a disabled boy dies of smoke inhalation during a fire, his parents and a building tenant with a history of "accidental" fires become suspects. Brazil Season 20 - Episode Deadbeat Season 7 - Episode 7. The murder of a deadbeat father whose son is dying of leukemia presents McCoy and Ross with a sympathetic suspect and a moral dilemma. White Rabbit Season 5 - Episode 5.