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Go to book. Torm January 19, Kindle Edition. Auto-delivered wirelessly. Book 1 of 3. See more information. Add to Wish List. Torm January 17, Book 2 of 3. Order in the next 9 hours 31 minutes and get it by Tuesday, December More Buying Choices - Paperback.

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Risking his own life and withholding lines of enquiry from his cagey superior, everything is at stake for the Inspector as he seeks justice. Gangsters with scores to settle, crooked police and mentally unstable young men preying on glamorous women in the town. Can Angel work it all out in time and walk away unscathed?

Perfect for fans of R. Michael works at the small local police station and is devoted to defeating crime, murder, and dishonesty of any sort and has no personal ambition beyond being a good husband and a successful detective. He is incorruptible but always short of money. He is always at odds with his immediate chief, Detective Superintendent Horace Harker, who is lazy, a hypochondriac and not a bit interested in assisting Angel in serious police work.

It is cold as anywhere in the winter but its closeness to the mountains protects it from many gales and heavy falls of snow. Wednesday is market day, and the town centre is host to the frequent cries of stall-holders hawking their wares while the enticing smells of cheeses, coffees, foreign spices and fish and chips tempt your taste buds as you wander through the stalls. The police always find it difficult to catch pilferers and pickpockets in such a crowd.

Bromersley folk are easy to befriend but many of the old people are stubborn and still buy their fruit and veg in pounds and ounces, not kilos and grams. Three mutilated bodies wash up on a beach along the Cleveland coast. The local policeman, Bill Peart enlists the help of Frank Doy , private security consultant. Naked, shivering and barely able to speak. He takes her in for food and rest, but in the morning she has disappeared without a trace. Then two extremely unwelcome visitors show up demanding answers.

The mystery woman was being followed. Doy begins a tireless search for the woman who sought his help. He is sure there is a connection with the disembodied corpses. A foreign yacht docked near the entrance to a cliffside tunnel and a secretive new arts centre add to the deepening mystery. The search for one nameless woman leads Doy to a huge underground enterprise that threatens national security and will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

He has a talent for finding himself in the seediest corners of the most dangerous cities in Europe. But he never backs down from a fight and he never turns away those who are desperate. So trouble finds him. This is the first book that I have read by Dan Latus, but it won't be the last.

An intriguing story that kept me turning pages, and came with a satisfying ending. Highly recommended. This one has a truly shocking secret at the heart of it.

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It might just be a book you'll want to finish this weekend. Murder, kidnap, torture — not words usually associated with Britain's beautiful New Forest National Park. When local author Grant Mason has a heart attack, he makes a dying wish: he wants his loyal assistant to burn his beautiful house down.

Meanwhile, Detective Jeff Temple is hunting for a young couple who disappeared in the forest.

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He's a no-nonsense copper who relishes the challenges presented by the most brutal and high-profile cases. But at the same time he's still struggling to get his personal life back on track following the tragic death of his beloved wife. Things are looking up, but it's an uphill struggle. We're really excited to send you this epic crime thriller by Jane Adams. It's so rich in psychological suspense, an absolute showstopper.

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A dry, hot summer on the Norfolk coast. Former police detective John Tynan falls in love for the first time since his wife died. Then the woman, Martha Toolin, is murdered. Leave the cannoli, take the shoes! The mafia comes to Ribbon, Pennsylvania, giving amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd the squeeze. Wise guys and leopard ladies abound in this humorous take on the small-town organized crime. Miller, Aroostine Higgins is a high-flying federal prosecutor set to win a big government bribery trial. But when her case falls apart, she realizes a hidden enemy wants her to lose — and plans to use her most critical vulnerability to bring her down.

Even as Alonzo Consentino attempts to escape a life of crime and the danger it promises, his sons find themselves drawn deeper into it. Set against the backdrop of Prohibition, flapper girls, and gangsters, this Mafia crime thriller is sure to keep the pages turning.

Maxwell: Two brothers are connected by a single link: Their sister Cynthia. A nuclear bomb is detonated in New York. Banker, wife, mother, Cynthia lives in New York. The wind is about to change.

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After moving her family to an old house on Fanoe Island, Emma finds herself scrambling to solve a harrowing murder — and uncovers dark secrets that lead back to her own family. Bacon: Lyle Deming fled the anxieties of being a cop for a job driving a cab in Nostalgia City, a sprawling theme park that re-creates a s town.

He and Kate Sorensen, an ex college basketball star, go undercover to unravel a conspiracy of corporate greed and murder. When a new dating app takes over London, everyone is on it. ReviewMyEx lets you tell the world what you think about your ex. The downside? They get to review you too.


Detective Jericho must investigate, which leads him to a complex combination of issues — violence, hate crimes, drug dealers, and murder. He also finds an attractive woman who serves as his partner. Lo The St. Lo Series Book 1 by F. Along with this entry into the peerage, kept secret from her deeply troubled family, comes an ancient estate in France, complete with a constantly crumbling castle, a slice of fly-fishing paradise, a few acres of lousy orchards and an array of colorful staff that keeps her on her toes. Will ex-SAS soldier Kyle Gibbs join these visionaries and help them pursue their relentless obsession despite the risks?

Could joining them contribute to his downfall? Join Sandy for a British murder mystery in a quaint Peak District village! The Candy Man, one of the deadliest serial killers in American history. How will he be able to fight back? Will he have any chance of succeeding? Secrets in the Wall by James Hunt: Three murders. One night. No convictions. Nicole Harper, a hospice nurse with a floundering marriage, is assigned a new patient in the remote Northwestern wilderness. Kindle Casey Jones Mysteries Vol.

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Reserve your copy of this limited-edition holiday collection today… Recipes included! Start with State of Anger. Filled with mystery, thrills, and suspense, the Virgil Jones Series of books by Thomas Scott will have you on the edge of your seat!