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If you want a six-pack, your diet is crucial. Here are 27 foods that will help build your abs

Get a six pack the fast but not so easy way: this is THE hardest abs, biceps and core exercise | T3

Every winter season, most of us gym goers tend to bulk up and then cut once spring rolls around. Find out how to get a 6 pack fast with this free abs exercise workout! Lie down with your knees up and put your arms straight up. Reach your arms towards the sky while crunching up and down. Do sets of 20 reps of this exercise. You can also add weights to your hands while doing a straight-arm crunch.

  • 6 Pack Workout to Build a Strong Core: Get Abs Faster!
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Lie with your bent knees raised up until they align with your hips while your arms are lying on the side. Roll your knees towards your chest until your butt is raised off the ground. Add weights in between your feet to make this exercise a little harder. Do sets of 15 reps for this exercise. This will also target your hip flexor instead of your abdominal muscles. Lie down with bent knees and feet apart and inches away from your fingers. Rotate your shoulders as you crunch down to one side until your fingers tap your heel, and then to another. Make sure your shoulders are raised while doing the exercise.

Abs of Fire Challenge Workout - Intense At Home Six Pack Exercise Routine

Tip: Crunch the entire time while rotating your shoulders from one side to the other. Lie on your back with your legs raised above your hips and arms spread out on your side. Slowly drop your legs to your left side and then your right. Do 4 sets of 20 reps for this oblique exercise.

Building a Strong Core: Get a 6 Pack Faster

To make it a little more difficult, you can put a light yoga ball in between your feet. Do this exercise for sets of 15 reps. You can also do barbell squats by adding weights with a barbell resting on your traps. Tip: As the volume or intensity increases for your squats, this will directly place an effect on our abdominals. Regular strength training will help you develop more lean muscle mass.

10 Tips That Build Six Pack Abs with Exercise and Diet

Talk to a coach, fitness professional or sports doctor about what type of training is appropriate for your age. Body-weight activities such as pushups, jumping and squats are OK for most teens.

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  • Get a six pack the fast but not so easy way: this is THE hardest abs, biceps and core exercise.
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Regular physical activity, such as running or playing soccer, helps keep your heart healthy — but doesn't necessarily build big muscles or flat abs. If you do hit the gym floor, keep your expectations realistic. Gaining muscle mass is nearly impossible until a teen has hit a certain stage in hormone development.

Boys, for example, need ample testosterone to gain the kind of muscle that really shows. During puberty, girls gain more body fat, especially in the lower body , to support childbirth; this could make leaning out to get to a six-pack body fat level challenging.

A six-pack develops from strong moves that help build the muscles of the rectus abdominis and obliques.

What are the best resources for getting six pack abs fast?

If you have the ability to build muscle and have successfully lost extra body fat, moves such as plank, crunches and side plank help develop distinct muscle in your core. Add back stabilizing moves, including bird dogs , to balance out strong abs. Even if your body isn't ready or genetically predisposed to developing a six pack, a strong core supports optimal strength and function so sports and daily activity are easier and more likely to be injury free. Don't only lose fat and gain muscle to look good in the short term — but stick with it to support good health and physical performance for life.

Don’t just hang around, now...

Lisa Maloney, CPT. Andrea Boldt. Smart choices, not deprivation, support a healthy body for a teen. A balanced workout plan involves cardio as well as ab-specific exercises. Seek Out a Solid Workout Plan. Ab-Specific Moves. Share this article.